Getting started…

October 16, 2011

So, anyone that’s here probably already knows who I am and what I do 🙂  Cliff notes version, I’m Katie and I’ve started this blog to keep my friends and family (Hi mom) up to date on what it is I’m doing these days.   Having graduated with my PhD from University of Virginia, I’ve moved to Baltimore to continue working in the lab at Johns Hopkins.  Baltimore is a little different than Charlottesville, but its great to be closer to family and friends.  Having finally gotten settled in to my  new city, i’m slowly starting to explore with Brandon and get out and do new things – find the farmers market, new restaurants and hopping on a bike and getting out on the trails.   On a more personal note, I’ve started this as a way to keep myself honest about trying to live a happy and healthy life.  I’ve signed up to do my first 5k in November (Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning!)  and while that may not sound too difficult for a lot of people, I am a self-proclaimed sucky runner.  I started “training” once I signed up for the 5k run.   That was 3 weeks ago, and even though it felt good to get out and see what I could do, it was pretty clear, I couldn’t do much.  Slowly, i’ve worked myself up to getting better at running (i’m at about 2.8 miles in 30 minutes on the treadmill), I’ve even started to look forward to it a bit.  I’ve set a few personal goals for myself  –

1) Finish the race!

2) Finish the race in no less than 30-35 minutes.  I know this is a pretty slow pace, but hey – running + Katie = doesn’t happen.  🙂

3) Not be so worn out mentally and physically that I won’t sign up for a second race shortly thereafter! 🙂

4) Keep my body well fueled.  Right now that means cutting back the alcohol during the week and saving it for the weekends (and yes, this one is tough – sometimes you just want a nice glass of red) and it also means less meat.  I haven’t missed it as much this time around as I have other times, i’m trying really hard to stay creative in the kitchen so I don’t get bored or hungry – we’ll see how that goes!  Right now this means a lot of getting the food processor down from the top shelf of the closet and subsequent eye rolls from Brandon.  Oh well 🙂

As I read back on this, a lot of my goals seem to boil down to having the self-discipline to make goals and keep them.  Make up a training schedule and stick to it.  Rolling out of bed at 5:30 am to go the gym so I have time at home in the evenings after work.   Ordering something healthy on the menu when the chicken wings sound better 😉  So – In an effort to keep track of my progress, here I am!   Keep me honest and enjoy the last bits of Sunday evening 🙂  Thanks for stopping by.   And to leave ya’ll with something fun…here’s a tidbit of my Sunday:  1.  does anyone else remember bubble lights from Christmas time???  We found one for Halloween this morning and just couldn’t resist :)you can find the original recipe for these beauties at one of my favorite blogs:


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