Happy thoughts for Monday

October 17, 2011

Am I crazy?  I think so… haven’t even completed “training” for the 5k in November and i’m already feeling gloomy about not having anything to train for afterwards.  I’m sure this will provoke “why not just run for the sake of running” from plenty – but I really like having a tangible goal.  Something to work towards and achieve.  Right now i’m addicted to what I THINK the feeling of finishing a race will feel like.  That feeling pushes me through the last few minutes of a run and helps me roll out of bed when its still really dark out and my cats are still cuddled up beside me on the bed.  So.  In a stroke of ridiculousness I signed up for an 8k in December, just 2 weeks after the end of my 5k.  Exactly 8 weeks away from yesterday.  Which puts me in perfect sync for an 8 week training program.  eek!  Again, I’d like to reiterate that running 3 miles in a race will be a first for me (to be fair, running 3 miles straight for me wasn’t even on my radar a few months ago) – so the fact that I even WANT to run another race mentally is shocking.  But here I am!  With a rather daunting training plan.  “I have to run HOW many miles?”  And folks, its the “novice” training schedule.  Yes. I am THAT bad at running – but if I can – you can!  And in case you needed some more inspiration…: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/trackandfield/story/2011/10/16/sp-singh-100-marathon-toronto.html if HE can, I can.

And if you’re here to hear about what I had to eat tonight, never fear…presenting my first attempt at Pad Thai.  This, was a relatively difficult experiment to do – considering I have yet to taste Pad Thai from a restaurant or street stand.  After looking up more than a few recipes, I have learned the following:  it seems that its essentially Thai street food, despite some popular recipes – ketchup probably shouldn’t be involved, the biggest issue is overly cooked noodles and lime is pretty essential, along with soy and fish sauce.  So – with no prior experience to this popular street food, I made dinner.  And the result was Pad Thai ala Katie.  Frozen stir fry veggies are probably frowned upon, but I like my veggies, so in they go.  Tempeh for me (Brandon opted for chicken), rice noodles (good choice, pasta would’ve been too heavy – and I love the tips about not cooking, just soaking the noodles until just al dente while preparing the sauce and cooking at the very end with all the goodies, our noodles were perfect!), garlic, onion and a “heck, i’m just gonna wing it” sauce with some rice vinegar, soy, oyster sauce, spices etc.  Chuck some roasted peanuts on top and voila! dinner.  Alas, I was sans lime tonight and I think the dish would’ve been really really good with the lime juice spritzed on top, but all in all – I’m pretty proud of how this came out.  Tasty, relatively healthy and approved all around.

So, each day, I try really hard to appreciate something random that reminds me how amazing life is, or that humanity still exists, something to make me smile and be grateful and thoughtful.  Sometimes its a struggle, other times its easy, but I find that no matter what, I can usually find something that reminds me to smile. I was thinking about this on my walk into my building this morning and gave my automatic smile to the regulars who are there, cleaning the sidewalks, or security guards at the building, etc.   The guy cleaning the sidewalks had just finished the Baltimore half Marathon this weekend – a major accomplishment for anyone, but for this guy especially.  And this guy, you guys – he’s ALWAYS got a smile on his face.  He is ALWAYS awesome (his words, not mine).  You couldn’t pay him to frown.  He ran that half marathon in honor of his friend that passed away recently and is planning on running another in Disney.  He was wearing his medal over his Ravens sweatshirt and was so proud.  Not to mention, a race time to boot!  People looked at me a little weird for standing and talking to him for so long, but I had nothing but genuine smiles and couldn’t be happier for him.  I finished the conversation and headed into work feeling completely satisfied with the day.

And if that isn’t enough to leave you guys with a smile on your face and wanting to get off the couch…

This is how I spent my Saturday afternoon.  Gorrrrrrgeous weather (save some INSANE wind) and beautiful scenery on rails to trails in York.  I’m a Lancaster County girl at heart and nothing beats riding through the country side with farms and quaint little towns in the fall.  Get out there and do something good for yourself guys! The smiles are more than worth it.

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