Tuesday: T for Tired, Y for Yum.

October 18, 2011

Yes I used the first and last letters of the day of the week to explain my day.  No, I didn’t get as far as figuring out U. E. S.   Yup.  In case you couldn’t tell, I.am.tired.

Happy Tuesday folks!  Tuesday is the new Monday when it comes to being tired.  My training for the 8k started yesterday night and it included weight lifting for wimps (aka, me).  I powered (read: grumbled) through lifting with laughable amounts of weight.  What makes all of this even worse – is how NOT well my body responded to it this morning.  No, nothing crazy or drastic, but dang I did NOT want to get out of bed.  The cats were curled up on me, there was that perfect balance of cool fall air through the open window and warm under the covers.  It just felt so good NOT to move.  The epic mental battle ensued “get out of bed!” “what if its my body saying, ‘you need rest'” “get OUT of bed” “but its warm”.   After a good 5 minutes of this, I finally fumbled my way out of bed.  oi.  Stupid dedication.  Its a little worrying though – if I have THIS much debate going on this early, how crowded are the conversations in my head going to get at 5 am later on down the road?  Because that might get annoying.

But! Despite all of this,  my workout wasn’t so bad, save a little mishap with the treadmill losing my workout info halfway through.  The training day called for 3.5 miles, and i’m PRETTY sure I got that in.  It wasn’t easy, it was pretty hard to get that done with a restricted time frame in the morning.  Plus, uppin’ the mileage, give me some cred!

I think all of this should have been an omen to me that the rest of  today was going to go exactly like the first of today did.  Constant debates about whether or not I should be asleep and not moving.  Did Tuesday crawl by for anyone else – or just me?  It had its high points though, first and foremost, it wasn’t a BAD day.  In fact, it was a pretty good day (for going so slow), i’m extremely lucky in enjoying my coworkers and my job – so I really can’t complain about that.  And honestly, who can complain, when the light at the end of a long day is this:

Thats right.  Dinner.  Delicious roasted yummy goodness. I’m fairly certain that every single thing on this plate has been roasted.  And that I have an obsession with Truffle Oil  Seriously guys.  Good on EVERYTHING (personal favs: homemade fries and the above pictured asparagus).  Roasted asparagus is brilliant, roasting asparagus with truffle oil and McCormicks grill mates?  Too delicious to describe.  When the boy says “shoulda made more asparagus”, its a keeper.  Those cute little cubes of roasted goodness to the right of my delicious asparagi, are roasted tofu.  I didn’t even know you could DO this to tofu.  Sadly, they were just a TAD overcooked, but lesson learned and ready to be applied next time! BUT! The star of the evening, was my random concoction that used to be one half of a roasted acorn squash.   I wasn’t in the mood for the instant mashed potatoes Brandon picked out, but I liked the idea of having something “mashed”.  It clearly made no sense for me to make a whole mashed sweet potato for myself (although, now that I look back on this decision…that argument has absolutely NO merit). However, I had a lone half of a previously roasted acorn squash in the fridge. Solution!  Mashed the acorn squash with some almond milk a smidge of earth balance, sprinkle on some garlic powder and because I’m a sucker for making things how my mom does, threw in a healthy bit of horseradish.  And then a little more horseradish, for good measure.  Mash it up and eat it.  And then marvel in the genius that is my solution to wanting a non-fake, no fuss mashed side dish. There were not a lot of leftovers.  Its nice to feel content and completely satisfied with a meal without feeling overly weighed down and full.  Not to mention, culinary awesomeness in my stomach fuels ideas for recipes (asparagus! curry! risotto! together!!?) and motivation to make something for breakfast (stay tuned…)

So yes, I’m still tired and I’m still achy from my barely there lifting set last night, but – in the spirit of finding the good in each day – i’ll say this.  Having a day that’s exhausting like this, where I can’t move any faster than the speed of smell, simply because I have no energy has shown me a few things.  1.  I’m working hard and training myself to do something that is GOOD for me and days like this remind me, I’m doing it right.   and 2.  Days like this help me to remember to slow down, pay attention to my body and remember that training isn’t always about pushing your hardest each and every day, but that rest days and the less intense cross training days are just as important for my physical (and mental) well being.  There were definitely points throughout the day where I said “uh uh, no way I’m doin this for 8 more weeks – impossible!”, but tomorrow, come 5:30 am, you can find me at the gym.  See you there.  🙂

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