Oktember Fest?

October 21, 2011

You guys…I think I have a roasting problem…

Its October !  You know what that means, right?  Beer! Sausage! Wait…I’m a vegetarian.  Darn it!

Seriously though, last night I was CRAVING Oktoberfest.  The beer and the sausages.  But I really didn’t want to have “a sausage” just for the night – ya know?  Enter:

Field Roast Smoked Apple & Sage <DELICIOUS> sausages.  These puppies make a non-veggie male say “oh! those aren’t actually that bad”.  And if you’ve ever tried to cook a vegetarian meal for a meat eater male – ya’ll know how hard that can be.  By the end of my hard day – (read:  PERSONAL BEST on a 3 mile run baby! and…has anyone else ever try to do dumbbell rows in a plank position?  YOWZAS) all I wanted was to throw the sausages on a bun with some deli mustard and sauerkraut, pour me a beer and call it a night.  But I feel like that was pushing the limits of poor Brandon.  What to do, whaaaat to do?  Ohhh I dunno, ROAST SOMETHING?!   Told you I had a problem.   So for my Oktoberfest craving I threw together what ended up being a delicious

 and healthy dinner.  This dish was chock full of roasted root veggies (sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots), some onion and because I feel like it needed more color, so chuck in the grape tomatoes and asparagus.  A little bit of canola oil and of course some of my trusty Truffle Oil and popped it in the oven.  I tossed the veggies with oregano before I put them in the oven and within minutes our apartment smelled EXACTLY like Thanksgiving.  It was amazing.  I threw on the vegan sausages for about 15 minutes at the end and was left with two empty plates at the dinner table after it was all said and done.  So in the end, I had my oktoberfest (sausages and beer) and the happy feelings associated with Fall and November.  So I guess… I had a Oktemberfest.  Get it?

And of course – what’s an Oktemberfest without some beer?!

St. Louis proud!

Do you guys know the history of Oktoberfest?  It seems that I’m a little late in the game for celebrating – it starts the 3rd weekend of September and ends the FIRST weekend of October…shoot! Better late than never, right?  The first festival was in 1810 to celebrate the marriage of the Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen (try saying THAT 6 times fast…).  Apparently, the main attraction for the first few Oktoberfests was actually a horse race.  In the next few years the Munichers added in an agricultural festival, then some swings and a carousel with a few beer tents.  It wasn’t until 1896 that they added beer tents.  And now, Oktoberfest is hardly ever associated with the horse races.  Crazy!

Does everyone have some fun plans for the weekend?  I’m heading home and hoping to fit in a few workouts, see my best friend and catch the play “Gaslight”.  I’m super excited.  I love getting out and doing things.

I’ve been thinking a lot about “doing things”.  Signing up for the 5k and 8k and really taking training seriously has gotten me to read a lot about nutrition and fitness.  I love learning, I miss it.  I love creating things in the kitchen, but I want to know MORE about it.  Why do things taste good together, why would I want to put them together – what should I ADD to something to make it healthier for me?  And beyond that – why would my body be craving something in particular that day?   Do I need more of this or that in my system.  Our bodies are amazing things – and knowing that we can learn what it is we NEED and how to accommodate that is so cool.  And who doesn’t love the idea of whipping something up in the kitchen and wowing the guests?  So in the end, all of this has gotten me thinking and the other day I was reading Ohsheglows (have you seen her blog? GO to it http://www.ohsheglows.com) and she put together a bucket list.  You know?  Things you really want to accomplish.  So I thought – maybe its time I did the same thing?  So.  Here goes:

1.  Learn!  Learn about weight training and how to create a lifting regiment.  Apply this to training too.   Learn about nutrition – maybe I could look into taking some online courses and be able to say why and how things work, starting from the market stands, to my kitchen, my plate and finally, my body.

2.  Cooking classes?  I love cooking, I love creating – heck, I love food!  I’d really like to be able to take that and learn about flavor pairings and techniques in the kitchen.  I’m not looking to become a chef – just wanting to know how.

3.  I’m a scientist – I do vascular research.  I’ve recently gotten my PhD and I want to get better at being an independent researcher.  I want to be the best Post-doc possible and really start to understand and know my field better.  Sometimes its hard, because you can only read so many papers in a day -but I figure, its kind of like training for a run, right?  Things get easier.  The good thing is, I love what I do.

4.  Be a better friend.  I have things in my closet that i’ve been meaning to put in an envelope, address, stamp and mail.  Why haven’t I yet?!  c’mon Hebs.

5.  Be better at finishing projects.  I have a bag of DIY goodies that I have yet to finish up.  Lets get on that!  I don’t have to finish all of the projects in one night, but maybe picking a project a week and trying hard to make sure its finished.  The sense of accomplishment is amazing.  P.S.  this blog? Totally on that projects list.

6.  pay off my debt.  Student loans have started and i’m pretty sure the feeling of saving money and having a house, and a stress free life will feel better than that pair of boots that’s going on sale next.

7.  Explore!  Do new things! Meet new people and just live life a little better.

8.  Run distances I never thought I could run.  It may sound sad – but starting out with a 5k is accomplishing this goal already!

9.  Smile more!  I want to be the friend that always has something pleasant to say, a smile on my face and is just someone people enjoy having around.

Those are my goals – who’s got some more!?

Getting up at 5:30 isn’t so bad when you have a personal cheerleader as cute as this!  She purrs for me and I give her backrubs.  Its a win win.

Have a great weekend everyone! xo

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