“is there cheese in this???”

October 27, 2011

Yesterday I mentioned that I was prepping a delicious filling for what promised to be an equally delicious lasagna.  And aside from the fact that none of my food photographs aestically…

Seriously – it may look like a hot mess.  But it was a hot mess of AWESOME – this baby did NOT disappoint, it was so good.  Layers of lasagna noodles, sauted mushrooms, zucchini and yellow squash, marinara sauce and that insane tofu/spinach blend.  I may have lied forgot and said that this lasagna had cheese in it to the boy.  He MAY have believed me.  He MAY Have eaten two helpings and said it was good. The only thing he said he missed was the meat.  NOTHING about the cheese.  Once I TOLD him it was tofu and not ricotta, he got all grossed out and claimed he KNEW something didn’t taste right.  Such a stigma.  Ignorance is bliss folks… when they ask “is there cheese in this?” – LIE.


Ok guys.  Week two of training is almost to an end and I know I keep saying this, but MAN I am exhausted.  What’s going on body!?  This morning I slowed down my run because my attempted race pace run was just too much for me to struggle through this morning.  I think i’m fighting off a cold, because I spent the next hour after my run coughing up snot. Yaaaay.  This gross fact of the day, brought to you by yours truly.  But seriously.  I’m taking my rest days (on Fridays) and I’m making sure to keep my cross training not as strenuous.  I think this week is just a rough week, mentally and physically.  My body is trying to get used to this new training schedule and i’m trying to make sure I know how to nourish it the way it needs and wants in order sustain this pace.  I also know I could be sleeping a little better too.  New goal.  Sleep better, drink more water (and tea!).  Eat more clementines! Did you guys know, that 2 clementines can pack up to 2/3 of an adult’s DV for Vitamin C??!  Excuse me while I go wolf down the entire bag I purchased this week… So my question is this – when is it ok to take a break from the training?  I know that missing a day here or there isn’t going to hurt my progress, and I know that sometimes its more helpful to let my body rest more.  But how do you know the difference between being tired, but able to work through something but decreasing the intensity, and being tired and parking your butt in bed or on the couch to not push it.  I’m really bad about deviating from routine, I don’t like it.  So of course, I marched back down to the gym this evening with Brandon in tow to do some weights. For the record, Brandon doesn’t lift weights, and even though I designed what I thought was a relatively easy workout (ok, a little heavy on the arms), it was somewhat satisfying to hear “holy jeez” under his breath more than a few times, while I powered through.  He may be bigger and “stronger” than I am, but my working out, even just in this past month has really paid off and that gave me a pretty big push.  This stuff is working, there ARE results. They may not be visible yet, but changes are happening.  And that vindicates me for pushing myself to go, even when I don’t always want to.

And because its Thursday and I”m a sucker for cheering for the underdogs (and my alma mater), Coz and I are going to go celebrate a long hard week of training and watch the UVA football game!

 d’awwww she’s such a good buddy.  Go Wahoos!


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