Thanks for the reminder…

October 28, 2011

Oh, hello Friday…

I was boring today.  It was my “rest day” for training.  Which means my weekly indulgence day where I buy coffee and a bagel in the morning (shhhhh-our secret guys).  Sadly, not even contraband caffeine and carbs could lift my mean reds mood.  But, the day wasn’t BAD persay, so I feel sort’ve bad griping about it.  And I learned a new machine for work today.  Like the good post-doc that I am, I scribbled took meticulous notes as fast as the girl was talking. And then, in true Artist’s daughter fashion…I did this.

  I’m a visual learner.  Don’t judge.

Other ways I was boring today?   I got mad at drivers on the way home…and the way to work.  I didn’t even cook.  That’s right.  Zero hours clocked in the kitchen tonight.  Instead we tried a new (to us) place called Au Poitin Still.  Brandon was nice enough to have me check it out before we went, to make sure it had something there I’d be ok with eating.  And fellow Baltimore Vegetarians, this place has not one, but TWO veggie burger options (plus a solid salad section).  For an IRISH PUB, i’d say that’s pretty darn good.  In fact, better than pretty darn good, that’s practically unheard of.  So I made my selection, a black bean burger.  At this point, i’d like to apologize for the lack of food images, the place was dimly lit and by dimly lit – I mean it felt like we were in a low budget production of Beowolf.  I’m talkin – fake stone walls, fake flame lights.  yeah – it was cheesetacular.   But for all of that, it almost added to the charm, if you let it.  As far as the food goes, I was really happy with my veggie burger – just enough kick to give it some good flavor, but not overwhelming.  The Chipotle Aioli it came with  – CAME ON THE SIDE.  Which you usually have to beg for, here I didn’t even have to ask.  The best part about this place though, was what happened WHEN they brought out my dinner.  Some background.  The burgers all come with a side of house made chips.  No biggie.  But their chips, come with a little tub of homemade French Onion dip.  Ok, still no big deal, right?  Here’s the kicker.  The guy brought out my veggie burger and from out of nowhere, someone from back in the kitchen ( I think?  I don’t even KNOW, he was like an Irish vegetarian guardian ninja…in the middle of Beowolf’s castle – mind blowing, I know).  And no joke, I was chip in hand about to delve into aforementioned French Onion Dip and ninja knight in shining armor stepped in to let me know – that he wasn’t sure if I had any particular dietary restrictions, but since I had ordered the veggie burger, he just thought he’d come out and let me know, that the French Onion Dip – has Beef products in it.  And normally they don’t serve the dip with their veggie burgers, so he just wanted to give me a heads up.  I was in shock that someone thought enough of my ordering a vegetarian entree to warn me of their mixup.  I’m still in shock.

Remember that post awhile back – where I said sometimes I like to try and find the good things in life.  This goes double, triple, quadruple for those days where I’m feeling gloomy and cranky.  These are the days where I really want to be reminded of all the good in the world.  This guy, my Irish Vegetarian Guardian Ninja Beowolf Knight in Shining Armor is the perfect example.  The kind of person who cares enough to step in and do something unexpected, but appreciated – for so so so many reasons.  So thank you world, I appreciate the reminder.

Feel free to use him as an example.  Go ahead – I double dog dare ya.

Have a great weekend guys, I can’t wait to show you what I make for my parents when they come for dinner – see you soon!


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