Wine, the other soup stock.

November 9, 2011

Well guys, today I am tired.  And probably a little cranky.  I’m working on that though.  And work, I’m working on work too.  After a day of solid work, the last thing I want to do is come home and try and focus on MORE work.  I know this is part of everything I said I wanted to do and get better at and improve.  So i’m not going to complain, i’m going to try extremely hard to focus for an acceptable amount of time on the work that needs done and to take a few moments to myself to breathe.

Tonight, for dinner I made a roasted yellow pepper and corn bisque, based on another recipe from “Veganomicon”.

 One of our favorite parts about this soup was the gorgeous color.  Thanks to the corn and yellow pepper it came out a beautiful golden yellow.  Here’s how I made it and changed it up.

Roasted Yellow Pepper and Corn Bisque (adapted from Veganomicon, note:  these are the amounts that I used personally, not what the recipe calls for)

2 yellow peppers, roasted and peeled

2 cans of yellow corn, drained

1/2 white onion

3 cloves garlic

1/4 habanero pepper DESEEDED and minced.  (The recipe actually calls for red chilis, my grocery store didn’t have any, so I switched it out with these guys)

Vegetable stock (2-3 cups, eyeball it)

3/4 can lite coconut milk

Juice of 1 lime

leftover chevre spread from last night (omit if you want the recipe to stay Vegan)

a splash, or three, of Pinor Noir.  Its like soup stock with a kick… 

The recipe also calls for a yellow summer squash.  I completely missed this part of the recipe, so I didn’t add it.  Truth be told, I don’ think I missed it either.  I also forewent the maple syrup and nutmeg options.  Again, not missed.

The soup, while time consuming a bit, is actually pretty easy to make.  And I think even some of the of the time can be cut back, especially with some better organization.  Start by roasting the peppers at about 375.  Do this by removing the seeds and after drizzling with oil, roast on a baking sheet for about 30 minutes, turning halfway through.  While their cooking, chop up the onion and saute until they’re soft and getting translucent.  Throw in the garlic and habanero peppers.  Be dears and remember to deseed these guys, they are HOT.  Once the garlic is “fragrant”, go ahead and toss in the corn with some veggie stock.  While all of this is coming together the peppers should be finishing up.  The recipe calls for putting the peppers in a ziplock baggy and letting the steam loosen the skin.  I didn’t think this was a necessary step, but a neat trick.  So however you want, peel the pepper 🙂  Chop it up (size doesn’t really matter here) and toss it in.  Bring it all to a boil and simmer for about 20 minutes or until you get impatient.  This soup starts to smell really good with the yellow pepper and the corn.  After simmering, Add in the coconut milk and some of the lime juice and if you’re me, the chevre.  I like to save a little of the lime juice until the end, because I think the flavor really adds something.  Ok, next up – blending!  here’s a hint guys, DO NOT USE THE FOOD PROCESSOR.  I tried, it doesn’t work.  It does however, make a mess and cause a certain cook to whistle her way away from the kitchen while getting stared at in disbelief.  Instead, use an immersion blender if you have one.  If you don’t have one, get one.  Or use a blender.  Carefully.  Blend until you get the consistency you want.  I preferred a little something to chew, so I didn’t go all the way with this one.  My first few bites of the soup were sans red wine and it was really great.  I love the flavor and the consistency.  The lime juice added a certain brightness to it all.  About halfway through I drizzled in the red wine and it changed the flavors just enough that I was still really happy with it.   The red wine added some depth to the soup that wasn’t really there before and made it feel a little more appropriate for the fall.

So what are my thoughts on the recipe overall?

Another Vegan (almost, without the Chevre it would’ve been) recipe that is not only approved but enjoyed by the resident omnivore.  I liked how it was adaptable (the red wine, the chevre, the change in peppers).  Speaking of peppers, I think I would’ve enjoyed some more of the habenero added in.  Not TOO much, but enough to give it just a little more kick.

My biggest concern about the recipe, was its lack of protein.  I feel like it would’ve been more satisfying with something like some greek yogurt dolloped on top or some Vegan sour cream. Maybe a small sandwich or salad with some nuts on top.  Ooooh, i wonder if some roasted pumpkin or squash seeds would taste good sprinkled on the soup?

Training:  I had a decent workout this morning, Wednesdays are one of my cross training days and today I upped my time to 35 minutes.  I like to do the bike on the hills or random setting.  The goals of cross training, according to my training schedule is to workout the complimentary muscles without making them too tired.  Wednesday’s cross training is flanked by two hard runs and tomorrow my workout includes both a run and lifting.  So i don’t push it on these days and consequentially, I get to enjoy some uninterrupted reading time.  I’m reading “Becoming Vegan” and even though i’m only working through the first chapter, I’m really enjoying it.  My goal is to finish up the chapters and give a brief summary of what i’ve learned here.  To give a teaser, did you know – that Vegetarian and Vegan lifestyles date back to At LEAST the late 1800s?  A vegetarian society was founded in Britain and later, here in America.  The 1800s!?  How cool is that?

Ok.  Deep breath.  Back to work to go.  But I gotta say, I feel 10x better now than when I started.  Just one more reason I’m grateful for this blog…

And speaking of grateful for…time for our Wednesday addition!

Today I am grateful for:

Learning about the history of a seemingly mundane lifestyle (vegetarian/vegan) and realizing there’s so much more there.  History can be so fulfilling to read about and learn about.  It almost romanticizes the topic.

I’m also grateful for having the ability to motivate myself and get excited for the next day’s workout.

I’m grateful for the personal drive to learn.

And so folks, I will see you tomorrow for a run down on my run, lifting circuit and some homemade Quesadillas.  :-O


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  1. trixfred30 Says:

    Wine is the only stock you need

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