Forwards, not back

November 14, 2011

I’m boring today.  My dinner was a hodge podge of grilled cheese and leftovers, my evening consisted of grocery shopping and now work, no lifting 😦 AND i slacked yesterday on my long run, as in, didn’t do it.  But!  A girl’s allowed a day or two :).  Sadly, I have a bunch of pictures to edit (taken with a real camera, no less!) and I definitely want to share with you guys, but tonight is just not the night to do it.  I’m trying really hard to maintain my goal of reading the literature for work and lately I haven’t had time to  sneak a paper or two in at work.  And so – I sneak them in at home.   Which means pictures for the blog must wait.  Pout.  But, I can cheat and give you a sneak preview of my weekend in Cville….


I was a little nervous about heading back down to UVA for the weekend, I wasn’t sure if I’d miss it, if it’d be different or the same.  I spent the last 4 years of my life in Charlottesville and have met some of my favorite and least favorite people.  I definitely enjoyed seeing my girls and especially our two amazing friends Kevin and Joanna.   But I can definitely say, that while I really miss my friends – I have officially moved on from Cville.   My boss this morning said it best, I think, when he said that “very rarely in life, do people want to move backwards in their life”.    So, i’m going to take that to heart and keep moving forward.  I have the opportunity to really grow as a professional and a person here in Baltimore.  More importantly, its not enough to be “good enough” for a few months, I want to be and have to be good enough, for good.  That’s a lot of work, for a long time.

And so, in the spirit of moving forward, i’m going to read some papers, mentally prepare myself for a great workout in the AM and a productive day tomorrow.  And a make it up (sort’ve) dinner as I go, some cookie prep AND photo editing/sharing.  Busy busy busy!

And of course,  I can’t leave you guys without the latest edition of my favorite game.  We have some catching up to do:

Friday:   I know I already mentioned something to be grateful for, but on the drive home, we were listening to the radio and the conversation being had really hit home for me.  So I am grateful for the ability to recognize life lessons in all of their forms.

On Saturday I was grateful for being able to have coffee in my pj’s with two of my favorite people.  And for a sore jaw from talking the day away with them.

On Sunday I was grateful for a few hours of girl time spent shopping for clothes, books, cookie cutters and a Christmas Mug

  (mission accomplished)

I was also grateful for spending time with 2 more of my friends and being able to thoroughly enjoy catching up.

Today, I am grateful for:   A few lucky breaks and simple pleasures.

And so – I am off for some work, some planning and some sleeping.   See you tomorrow for hopefully an overload of awesome. 🙂


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