Were YOU in Boston in 1919?

November 18, 2011

Dear today,

You rocked.



No, seriously guys.  Today was awesome.  “Why”, you ask?  We’ll start with these 4 words…  The Great Boston MOLASSACRE.  That’s right.  Molasses and Massacre as one word.  Clever Bostonians.  But seriously.  With my Gingerbread experiment the other night, i was speaking with my friend about Molasses.  So, like any normal human being will do – I looked it up on wikipedia, duh.  And what do I find, at the bottom of the page in the external links –  but this gem of a link…


wha wha?  To me, my first thought was – “what the heck?  Who could be THAT dramatic”.  So I click.  As you should.  And hopefully your jaw drops, like mine does.  MOLASSES FLOOD you guys, in Boston.  Now.  Disclaimer, I feel a little bad about being so amused by this.  It was an honest to goodness tragedy, people and animals died and were hurt and there was major damage to the city.  But, nicknaming it the Boston Molassacre AND writing a folk song about it (find it here: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=106201&songID=6820126&showPlayer=true) I was giggling for a better part of the day, to myself.  Its a reminder though of little tidbits of history that we rarely hear about. So I will take it on myself to tell you guys about it.

So, the year is 1919, in a place called Copps Hill, which was home to a 2 million + gallon tank, owned by the United States Alcohol Company.  This tank was filled with Molasses (which at that time was the main sweetener and could also be used for fermentation purposes).  It would appear that the weather that particular January was unseasonably warm and combo’d with the fact that this huge tank, was NOT structurally sound – the tank EXPLODED.  In addition to the debris and shear force of an explosion, the molasses flooded the nearby streets.  This molasses was waist high in some places and moved at almost 35 mph.  Which gives a WHOLE new meaning to the phrase “slow as molasses”.  The tragic part of all of this, was the accompanying death toll of at least 21 people, some of which were children, 100+ injuries and countless animal deaths and of course damage and destruction of buildings.  In the end, the owners of the tank were found guilty of owning a tank that did not mean safety standards and had to pay out a pretty hefty sum of money in response to over 150 claims against them. Just goes to show that shortcuts when trying to get ahead will more than likely come back to haunt you.  But it was SUCH an interesting piece of history.  I had to share it.  There’s a book that’s been written about it and I’m so tempted to go over the local bookstore, settle down on a comfy couch with a hot drink and page through it.  Has anyone else heard of this (I”m lookin at you Candice from http://candicepeak.wordpress.com/ 😉 ) ?

All of this was occurring during an equally satisfying day at work.  As predicted, I feel so accomplished at the end of this long hard busy week.  I racked up more than a few 10-11 hour days and stayed later than the boss man today too, which is always a good thing to show every now and then.  Not only that, but I was proud of my work this week and got to have some great conversations with friends and mentors.   I’m really so lucky to have such amazing people in my life.  And all of this was topped off by coming home to this:

Appetizers 🙂 Garlic bread, dipping sauce and a Natty Boh (the official drink of Charm City).  We figured we’d get in the spirit because somehow WE SCORED FREE RAVENS TICKETS FOR THIS WEEKEND!  And these seats, are in the endzone, in what is described as “reach out and touch the players”, seats. For serious.  I’m so excited – now I won’t get yelled at for screaming at the TV when they do something wrong on the field, because I wont’ be the ONLY ONE! 🙂  But all of this, was in preparation for the main course…

Ladies and gents, I give you…dinner on a Friday night.

We LOVE DIY pizza nights. We can make two, Brandon’s can have an inch of cheese and I can do whatever I feel up for.  Tonight, I created this Tofu & Avocado Pizza with Pesto. 

Tofu & Avocado Pizza with Pesto

Pizza dough:  we use the store brand premade doughs.  But you could make dough, use pillsbury from the can, whatever you want, really.

Tofu:  Again, I use the firm, Silken Lite., 1/2 package.

Avocado: 1 small, cubed

Grape tomatoes: ~ 7, quartered

Frozen Spinach:  ~1/2 cup

Pesto:  ~1-1.5 Tbsp, I used jarred pesto, but really want to try making my own too.

Truffle Oil, oregano

To Make:  Spread the pesto on the pizza dough.  I didnt’ use that much and if you prefer a strong pesto element, definitely use more.  I crumbled the tofu to cover and topped with the rest of the veggies (I didn’t even bother to thaw the frozen spinach, the baking takes care of that!).  Sprinkle with oregano and a drizzle of the truffle oil and bake according to the instructions on the pizza dough.  Just be careful not to burn the veggies.  Usually I stick to a greek pizza variety, but this was a pleasant change for me.  Healthy, but still tasted indulgent.

So. Good.   Such a perfect way to end an exhausting but in the end, really good week.  What are everyone’s plans for the weekend? Can you believe Thanksgiving is already next week???  I’m planning on sleeping in tomorrow AM (i.e. past 5:30- HA!), running errands and seeing what this pinterest thing is all about – anyone have any thoughts on it?

And of course, no day would be complete, without remember what i’m grateful for.  So, lets think 🙂

Today, I am grateful for:  Good friends that I can laugh with at work, or get random emails from and have phone calls with.

I’m also grateful for youtube and whoever it was that decided having Christopher Walken dance through a hotel to “Weapon of Choice”.  So here’s to you, brains behind the music video, you, are a genius.

your turn! 🙂

And so friends, whatever you do this weekend enjoy it and smile.   🙂



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