Back on track?

November 21, 2011

Well, it was inevitable.  The week of my first 5k/race ever…and I am getting sick.  I THINK its just sinuses for now, but I’m certainly fighting something.  This morning I finally gave in and took some medicine and am currently combating this thing with Mucinex, Ibuprofen and endless glasses of Pink Grapefruit juice (Vitamin C for the win).  I really want to make sure I’m in as good condition as possible (given any circumstance) for this run on Thursday and will be disappointed if I give anything other than my best.  Which means, taking care of myself now.  🙂

Even though adrenaline carried me through most of today, it was still 12 hrs from when I left my apartment to when I walked back in.   Lately, as in, most of last week – I’ve been slacking on my training plan for the 8k.  It really does just go to show how easy it is to break a good habit.  They say it takes about a month to form a good habit.  I started my serious training on October 16th.  These past 2 weekends I’ve taken a break from that and I’ve struggled with maintaining the parts of training that aren’t running.  For 27 days I stuck to a rigorous schedule, and last week I stuck to a…modified schedule.  I got the running in still, but completely slacked on lifting and cross training.  So, tonight came the serious question of:

a) Do I work out and maintain the schedule?

b) Do I pull the “sick” card.  Sick – is it really a reason to not work out?

From what I’ve read around on various sites, magazines, etc., working out while sick, is ok – providing the issues stay chest area and up.  Granted, the intensity is less, depending on your ability to breathe, rate of exhaustion, etc.  So, all of this was going through my head this evening as I got home.  In the end, I decided to go through with my scheduled workout and do a full body lifting circuit.  As a compromise, I did it at home (I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, I cannot WAIT to get more dumbbells for my “at home gym”), so if it really was too much for me, I could stop.  Starting out was a bit rough and I wasn’t sure I’d finish it out.  But, after it was all said and done, I finished the whole circuit and felt great while doing it.  It really felt like the workout helped to open me up a bit and I could imagine the exercise helping my body to fight off whatever I have.  Of course now, post workout – sitting here with a mug of tea, I’m back to sniffling.  But I know that I did my body some good this evening and mentally I’m pretty proud of myself for pushing through and i’ll consider this to be my serious step for getting back on track. 

Here’s what I did tonight! All sets for 3 x 10.  I did them in groups of 2 exercises, at a faster pace to get my heart rate up.   I hit my glutes/legs, and focused on my arms and shoulders a lot – and of course, a lower back exercise.

Squats & Tricep extensions

Lateral raises & front lateral raises

Arnold Presses & External rotations

Bicep curls & Calf raises

Dead lifts & bent over DB Flies

Arnold press situps & Russian twists


We had a nice dinner of spaghetti with some vegetarian sausage mixed in, that I’m hoping will give my body some good fuel for a nice 3.1-4.5 mile run tomorrow.  I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to do the full 4.5 miles, I know for a race week your supposed to taper a bit.  My worry is if I taper for the race week, will I lose some of my efforts for the 8k training.  I’d LIKE to workout in the morning, but tomorrow calls for a pretty early AM at work and 4.5 miles will throw a serious kink in those plans.  So it may be an evening workout for me again.  What do we think?  Get in an evening run before HEADING HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS?!?!?!? 🙂  I hope everyone is looking forward to a break from work some family/holiday time as much as I am 🙂 Is everyone traveling? Staying where you’re at?  Hosting?  Going out?  Family traditions???

Which…reminds me 🙂  We have some gratitudes to catch up on, no?

On Saturday, I was grateful for:  a mid-afternoon beer while out on errands.

On Sunday, I was grateful for:  being the kind of girl who could enjoy being 2 rows back from the Baltimore Ravens endzone,  and in the end, consider the sinus infection at the end of the day, a satisfactory price to pay for 4 hours of screaming at a football field like a crazy person.  I am also grateful for the visual reminder of why I want to be lifting regularly and in a challenging way.  Being that close to cheerleaders with some amazing muscle tone in the shoulders and arms gave my motivation some new life.

Today I am grateful for:  people in my life that I enjoy speaking with, seeing and hearing from.  I’m also grateful for my dad, who saw fit to bring me grapefruit juice when I was sick, way back when I was in college.  I refuse to drink anything else when I feel cruddy and tonight is no different.  I have the best dad ever.   Finally, I am grateful for my friends who pushed me to stay on track and my body, which allowed me to stay on track tonight. 🙂

sweet dreams everyone,


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