annnnnnnnnnd done

November 22, 2011

So, alll together now…”Ahhhhhh”. That, ladies and gents, is the collective sigh of Thanksgiving vactioners everywhere. And I am officially one of them! Its been a long and somewhat stressful fall, but the holidays are here and its time for some breathing room.
Since August, I’ve completed my PhD, I’ve found a new job, moved, learned, struggled, laughed, challenged myself, had my fair share of tears and have done a lot of smiling too. Most of all, I’ve been doing a lot of life. (This picture? Yeah, those were our seats at the Ravens game this past weekend. ROW 2!). I’ve learned a lot about myself, my determination and ability to push through it all, even tonight. We’re finally on the road, after a long day of work, a quick, but feel good dinner of grilled cheese and tomato soup and a satisfying workout. 4.5 was on tap for tonight and I had my doubts. I faithfully pounded out my 3.1 miles (28:44!) And after a few false starts and a lot of swearing to burst into tears, I struggled my way through the last 1.4 miles to round it out. It probably wasn’t pretty, but it was successful. And best of all, I can come here and share a smile with everyone and not need to explain away missing another workout πŸ™‚
So today, I am thankful for, well…pretty much everything. But mostly, I’m grateful for how satisfying it will be to sink into my parent’s couch tonight, knowing I worked as hard as I could these past few weeks. πŸ™‚ no regrets!


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