Thanksgiving Vacay Recap + Monday

November 28, 2011

Welcome back! 🙂

Seems like its been awhile since I’ve posted, but I took advantage of the vacation to see a lot of family and to visit some friends, run a race and eat a LOT of food.  I’m super busy with work stuff tonight, but I had to stop in and first off say thank you to everyone who supported and cheered me on for my first 5k this past week – especially everyone here 🙂 I ran the race with my little brother  and did end up beating my goal time, running a 29:39, with no walking breaks.  Here’s the dilemma.  While I did beat my goal, I feel like I could have done better than that.  Lets recap:

Start of the race:  I felt sluggish and like my legs were full of lead.

Throughout the race: I couldn’t get a good judge of my pace speed.

Throughout the race: I was cold, I was hot, I was cold, I was hot.

Towards the end of the race:  MAJOR side cramp.  UGH.

Also:  randomly dropped my phone and had to jog in place to wait to pick up said phone (had my music playing on it)

SO.  Yes, I did well in the race, but I feel like I could have done BETTER.   So here are my solutions.

1) Hydrate more leading up to the race

2) Dress appropriately for the weather (picked up two Under Armour shirts for cold weather running this weekend)

3) Run outside more

4) Sign up for another 5k that goes off this Saturday…  That’s right, I signed up today for a 5k that benefits the Arthritis foundation and will be running it this Saturday.  Given the rough day at work, I’m hoping I didn’t bite off more than I can chew in my motivational optimism.

And for the rest of tonight’s post:  I’ll leave you with pictures 🙂

After my race I came home to this…

One of my favorite Holiday accessories...any guesses? 🙂


Perfect ending to the perfect day?

In case you were worried a veggie can't get enough to eat....this is my plate

We even managed to enjoy the annual Tree lighting ceremony downtown 🙂  Tuba’s, Christmas Carols and Santa on a fire engine.

And finally…no post is complete without a little “I made this for dinner” picture.

This is what happens when your parents send you home with 3/4 of the Thanksgiving leftovers...Thanksgiving Potpie anyone?

This past Sunday, I also managed to get myself “back on track” and pound out a 5.4 mile long run in the early morning.  Lemme tell ya – Farm Country in the mist is a pretty awesome way to start your Sunday.

Also – its still November, right?  So lets keep up with that gratitude game.

On Thursday I was grateful for good food and amazing amazing amazing family and friends.  I was also grateful for the support from everyone for my first race.

On Friday I was thankful to be able to run into an old friend and to re-experience a childhood tradition with Tuba Christmas.

On Saturday, I was grateful to not have to divide my time between Brandon’s and my families and enjoyed a dinner with everyone.

On Sunday I was grateful for seeing my best friend and her darling sweet daughter, for time out shopping with my mom and for my run, to remind me that sometimes being up early is pretty ok.

Today, I am grateful for kind words and a cup of hot tea when I need them most.

And with that my darlings, I am heading to bed and to try to keep my chin up.  The sun still comes up tomorrow and I’ll still have to put my best foot forward.

xo sweet dreams 🙂



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