November 30, 2011

Half way there!

Lets see.

1. My mom makes a killer fruit salad.  And I love grapefruit.

How awesome does it look in that Bell Jar? I love the rustic look of using glass jars for water glasses and containers.

2.  5 mile run yesterday (48:16)

3. Kept my head down and worked hard, stayed late and finished a project.  1 down, infinity to finish?

4. Mental down time = American Music Awards and the VS Fashion Show.  I love that the girls are allowed to have fun with it and lets be honest, Orlando Bloom giving Miranda a standing ovation every time she walks down the runway? Super adorable.  What can I say? I’m a sucker.

5. Pushed myself to go the gym again tonight for my 45 minutes of cross training on the bike.   Spending that much time in the gym is starting to get monotonous.  I enjoy working out SO much more when I’m outside, enjoying it all.


There are so many things that I want to get done during the day and so many things that need to or should get done (cleaning the apartment, anyone?).  But somehow, its Wednesday night and I’ve only knocked 3 things off my list FOR THE DAY.   When I was running in the morning, I was far more efficient at night.  But after a short break awhile back, I suddenly feel like I’m falling behind on EVERYTHING.  But I’m slowly bringing myself back to balance.   For me, that starts with being effective and productive and pushing myself to do things on my list, that I don’t really feel motivated to do, but feel so much better about having done them after the fact.  A major thing on that list, is sticking with a workout schedule this close to my 8k race (next weekend!?).  I seriously slacked off lately, life just got in the way.  Another major thing?  Cleaning up this darn apartment.  Which I am now off to go do 🙂

But before I go…

Yesterday, I was grateful for: myself.  In that I finally had the strength to openly acknowledge to myself my own personal faults.  Instead of getting defensive about little snide remarks, I have made the choice to address the underlying message and get better.

Today, I am grateful for music.  It never fails, that I manage to hear the perfect song, the moment I need it most. And sometimes, its nice to be reminded that, sometimes, people really don’t know a thing about me.




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