Deep thoughts for a Wednesday?

December 7, 2011

whew.  I’m so glad today’s done.  I had to give two little poster presentations today for work.  I don’t mind saying that I was NER.VOUS.  Its funny how anxious we can get for what will end up being 20 minutes of the day.  I think it went pretty well, but I am REALLY glad its over.  Its been a stressful couple of weeks with everything that’s been going on at work and trying to prep for today – so I hope you forgive my lack of posting last night!!

I have my 8k this weekend and I’ve been back and forth about knowing I should probably taper, but also being stubborn and thinking there’s NO way decreasing my mileage can help me for my run on Sunday.  So here’s the thing, tapering = rest.  And our bodies NEED the rest in order to recover. I know i’ve been working out hard (if not always consistently) and this will be my 3rd race in as many weeks. So tapering will be important and welcome.  But I don’t want to do NOTHING.  So I’ve decided to basically stick with my schedule that i’ve been working with for the past 8 weeks, but with minimal mileage and less intensity. Whiiiiiiiiiiiiich leads me to last night.   Last night, it was late, I was tired and had a lot of prep to do for today, but I really wanted to not have to get up this morning and justify to ya’ll why I didn’t go.  So, I went, but with the promise of stopping after 3 miles.  And let me tell you.  It. HURT.   The minute the tread started I knew I was in for a tough one.  My lower back seized up and I got a vicious cramp in my stomach.  About 30 seconds in, I almost considered calling it quits and trudging back to the apartment.  Instead, I swallowed my pride and slowed down to a fast walk at a high incline.  Eventually, I was able to slowly increase my speed.  The majority of my run was spent at my slow run pace, but I was able to work my way up to a good workout speed for the last bit of my workout.  It wasn’t a sub 30 workout time that i’m used to, but I still got in my workout.  I have to remember, that not every run is going to be better than my last run.  My friend says it best, that she doesn’t always want to go, but she never regrets having gone to the gym afterwards.  So, keeping that in mind – I trudged my way through the DOWNPOUR to head back to the gym tonight for my cross training.  It felt great to do, after the fact.  But after the fact, is what’s key. I went and did it 🙂  It feels good to take the time out of a busy schedule to remember that I have to find a balance between work and what’s healthy for me.

Well.  That was rather deep for a Wednesday, eh?  😉  Let me lighten up the mood a bit here and share some of my favorite images from this weekend. I was a little worried that they may have been lost when our camera card went corrupt.  Luckily, Brandon was able to save ALL of the files.  Hero much?

All smiles at the end of a good race 🙂

He wasn't too sure about the tree...

Adding the ribbon 🙂


One of my favorites 🙂

hope you enjoy them!   I’ll have more to share later in the week.  🙂


3 Responses to “Deep thoughts for a Wednesday?”

  1. andy1076 Says:

    Kudos on forging through the pain and still working hard at your goal 🙂 what determination! if i may ask? what are you having before your run? i do 2 miles every day and alternate days i cross train, but it’s never easy to start it? don’t know if i’m making any sense? 🙂

    Wonderful pictures 🙂

    • krhtoday Says:

      Thanks 🙂 Its definitely not always easy. But its nice to be able to say I did, instead of having to explain why I didn’t. 🙂 Your running schedule is impressive too! Starting is always the worst, for sure! Running has GOT to be 99% mental. 🙂

      • andy1076 Says:

        Thank you 🙂 i just run after work to de-stress, this may sound strange but it calms the nerves lol 😀 boy is it ever 99% mental. A trick i always used, was to not think about the fact that i’m running and just concentrate on other things on my mind. It works! 😀

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