Cold night, warm meal :)

December 8, 2011

Yay tomorrow is Friday!!!! 🙂  Ya’ll know what that means….it means BAGEL and RED EYE FOR BREAKY!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I know I know, I get ridiculously excited for something so simple.  But I pack my lunch each day and really try to avoid buying coffee since its so easy to make.  Sometimes its just nice to have a little piece of self indulgence (we WON’T be talking about the kit kat bar I indulged in today either…those things are addicting.) .  There’s just something so satisfying about treating yourself to something that you probably COULD make at home, but always tastes just a little bit better when you’re not.  Besides, who doesn’t love starting off a Friday with a little happy sigh at their desk? 🙂

Today was a solid day of work, but a LONG day of work.  As part of my little presentation bit last night, I had to be at a 7 am talk this morning and when you add in the travel time, I’m rolling out of bed by 5 am – yikes! BUT – I survived and I always do 🙂  I had the prospect of a GOOD home cooked meal and my last workout before my race this weekend to keep me going.  I was able to hit the gym while dinner was cooking.  In the spirit of tapering, I chose to eliminate my lifting workout entirely for this week and what would normally be 3 miles today, I brought down to 2.  I made sure to work my way into the run this time though, my body is pretty tired this week and I am definitely feeling it.  But! Being as stubborn as I am, I bumped up my intensity to run at what is more of a “race pace”.  Except for a tiny…we’ll call it a…wardrobe malfunction, it felt pretty good.  But I sure am glad I’ll be resting these next two days. 🙂  And of course…I had a pretty good dinner to look forward to…


Tonight, we had delish Sweet potato and black bean enchiladas.  Did you know that enchilada’s basically are nothing more than corn tortillas with a red tomato based sauce?  One of the older recipes, was basically street food, where they took corn tortillas and dipped in the red sauce.   As the recipes have developed, the enchilada’s take on almost different characters, depending on what they’re stuffed with or topped with.  Some recipes lightly fry the tortillas in some spices to infuse the flavor, others add cream based or verde’ style sauces, even mole sauces.   You could basically stuff these puppies with anything, but as a vegetarian, I opted to shy away from the meat options, but I can see a nice white flaky fish tasting really good.  The recipe was a little involved, but not difficult.  There was a simple red sauce of veggie broth and tomato paste, with a ton of spices.  Cayenne pepper, chili powder, chipotle powder, onion powder, garlic powder and something green went in there too….

The innards was a healthy mix of onion, sweet potatoes,diced tomatoes,  chipotle pepper, some queso fresco and black beans. Alllll stuffed inside some whole wheat tortillas (I have yet to find a corn tortilla I really like, any suggestions? )

Topped with some more Queso Fresco and the simple red sauce and tossed in the oven.  These guys were PERFECT for a chilly night.  I almost wish we saved them for Friday night where I could enjoy them with a guilt free glass of wine.  Just enough combination of sweet (from the potato) and a kick (from the sauce and all of the spices that are in the mix).  I really like how these guys are like a Mexican version of stir fry.  You can play around with the flavors and get some great meals that are never really the same twice.  I mentioned a white flaky fish earlier (good with a cilantro’y verde’ style sauce?), i think would be really good.   Avocado is an obvious choice, or maybe a modification of that tofu/spinach mix I’ve been crushing on lately.  mmmmmm, now I’m getting hungry again…

Don’t forget to allow for a little self-indulgence tomorrow and give yourself the chance for a little breathing room 🙂


I couldn't resist a few more of my favorites...Early morning belly rubs, are clearly best when served with a Christmas tree...

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