Positive Note Tuesday!

December 13, 2011

A short and sweet, positive post about some of the things I’m proud of myself for accomplishing today.  Lets have at it, shall we?

1.  My first “post big race” run.  After a serious debate with myself at 5:30 this morning, I grumbled my way out of bed at the last possible second and headed to the gym.  I promised myself I would only have to do 20 minutes or so and could head home if I wasn’t feeling up for it.  My legs were pretty loose, but definitely tired.  About halfway through, I got one of those rare clairvoyant moments, where I felt powerful, peaceful and just in sync.  Before I went, I kept in mind the following little phrases:

– “You’ll regret not going, but have yet to ever regret having gone”

– “You’ll feel amazing for the rest of the day, knowing you can come home and relax after having accomplished something so important already”

– “Its not an option”

And in the end, I was right.  I didn’t regret going, in fact, I stayed for a full 3 miles before having to head back.  The early AM run gave me a confidence boost and general drive to get started with the day and say “Bring it, Tuesday”.  Turns out, this works.  I had a pretty good and productive day.   It also has me thinking a lot about my post-race workout schedule.  Do I sign up for the half marathon?  Should I switch my longer runs to the weekends so I can enjoy running again?  How much working out should I do for this week?  Aren’t I supposed to be resting?  :-p

2.  See above, had a good and productive day.  I’m working hard on balance.  In terms of how much can I juggle at work, when will it have a negative impact on my work.

3.  And last, but not least, something i’m particularly proud of today…

First Time Donator!

I’m not entirely sure what drove me to do this today and I’m not entirely sure it matters either.  This season, I’ve found myself thinking an awful lot about getting better at doing more for others.  One of my favorite part about running in races is all of the volunteers who stand along the course and cheer you on.  So today, when I saw this “blood drive” in our email, I thought about my friends who have always given blood on a regular basis.  And suddenly, I just decided I’d go do it.  I love knowing that today, a simple decision to walk down the steps in our building to the blood drive, could mean so much to someone else in the future.

Here’s hoping for an equally as feel good Wednesday…


2 Responses to “Positive Note Tuesday!”

  1. candicepeak Says:

    Congrats on donating blood for the first time! I donated a few weeks back for the first time and although I felt pretty icky for a days or so after, it is great knowing that I helped save someone’s life! A little word of advice: take it easy for at least 24 hours. I tried to go for a run the next morning and felt terrible the rest of the day.

    • krhtoday Says:

      I’m definitely understanding the whole “rest” bit. I’ve felt pretty lousy since donating. I’m trying hard not to complain though, because in the end – the benefits for someone will outweigh it and i’m still glad I did it 🙂

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