December 15, 2011

Rest…I’m bad at it.  Like, really bad.  Like, “told not to do anything strenuous for 24 hours after giving blood, but try and get up at 5:30 am to go workout the next morning” bad.  Like, “try to stick with my training schedule even when i’m not training” , bad.

Yesterday, I wanted to go workout, but after my giving blood on Tuesday, which for the record, I’m still really glad I did – but I still felt pretty lousy afterwards.  So I opted to sleep in, after an internal debate.  We also did some Christmas shopping last night, with the added benefit of moving around for a couple of hours.  But by the end of the night, I was feeling it.  I could barely keep my eyes open and my legs felt like lead.  I don’t think I was awake for more than a second when I crawled into bed.  Cue this morning.  Ambition had me set my alarm for 5:30.  But, even though I didn’t think it was possible, my legs were even MORE Tired than before.   Suffice to say, the gym did not happen. 😦  I was shaky and achy this morning somethin fierce.  Wimpiest.Blood giver.Ever.

But seriously.  I’m bad at rest.  I promised myself an easy and lite week this week.  Why can’t I just take a few days off here and there from the 5:30 AM routine?  But I have a feeling this week my body won out.  I feel pretty darn guilty about it though.  So.  In an effort to compromise, I will not be setting out early to the gym tomorrow morning. IN fact.  I have no plans whatsoever, but to get up and go to work (albeit early) and enjoy my Friday morning treat.  Saturday, if i’m feeling less lousy and fully rested, I’ll enjoy a run outside in the morning.    So those are my plans.

Also.  Zucchini cakes with old bay?  Taste suspiciously like crab cakes.  Without the crabs.  Yum.

Sorry for such a boring post.  🙂  Once I wake up from this mental/physical slog I’ll be back to my chipper working out, cooking, doing stuff kinda person.  Word.



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