I’ll be home for Christmas…

December 22, 2011

Home for Christmas šŸ™‚ But not before putting in 5 glorious (and HILLY) miles outside.

This 65 degree weather isn’t really my preferred Christmas Climate, but it sure makes running outside a little more palatable.

I’ve been home for about an hour and already have shared a cup of tea with my parents and clementines. And I have decided. If I can decorate my house half as beautifully as they do, I’ll be happy!

Packing this year for Christmas there’s a new first, I brought along my running gear. Over thanksgiving I had to, because of the 5k. This weekend, I brought it because I wanted to. I’ve never worked out over a Christmas break before, so I’m interested to see how I’ll balance the Holidays and taking an hour out of my day to go for a run. Maybe some shorter, but high intensity runs are in order? So I’m curious how everyone else handles working out when they’re away for the Holidays, especially when there’s so much else to get done and do?


One Response to “I’ll be home for Christmas…”

  1. andy1076 Says:

    I always improvise if i can’t work out in my own gym, it includes exactly that! running outside and in my case some circuit training šŸ™‚

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