January 3, 2012

All good vacations have to come to an end and we’re all back and settling ourselves in again.  All of the festivities got me thinking about starting the new year and what resolutions I want to try to accomplish this year.  I wanted to come up with goals that emphasized improvement, rather than quitting or giving things up.  Here’s what I came up with this year:

1.  Drink More Water

When it comes to my training.  I’m always complaining about being just a little too tired, a little too achy and constantly fighting those darn side cramps.  One of the best ways to combat this is to drink more water, I think.  Not only is it a healthy habit to keep up with, but I think it’ll definitely do me some good.


No, not the stand on one leg and touch my nose, kind of balance.  But getting better at  balancing work and home life.  Work hard and effectively at work, so that I can come home and enjoy my evening doing OTHER things.

3.  Projects:

Tons of DIY I’m looking forward to this year – with an inspiration book to boot and an ever increasing interest in pinterest.  I have crochet hooks, that I clearly need to practice with.  I have a knitting loom (knifty knitters!) that I want to get better at and learn to read patterns.  My retro sewing machine has been cleaned up and gone over and is now officially back in my possession. Yay! Time to teach myself to sew!  Hopefully in time for some awesome skirts/dresses for spring/summer?  I’d also like to work on better posts for ya’ll, include more and better pictures, etc etc (any suggestions?).   But biggest of all, I have officially become OBSESSED with the idea of making my own bitters.  The Salt and pepper of cocktails.  Not only would these make for some pretty great gift ideas, its an awesome way to be creative, have fun, be able to enjoy the benefits (hello Classic Cocktails?) and how cool would a retro style bar be??

4.   Read More.

The “have read” to “must read” ratio on my bookshelf is shameful.  ‘nuff said

5.  Recycle more.

We have the ability to recycle here at the apartment complex, but we don’t do it nearly as much as we should.  My goal is to be more environmentally friendly this year.

6.  The Healthy Stuff:

And what are any new years resolutions without some healthy goals for the upcoming months?  Healthy is so much more than physical though.  Its mental and emotional too.  I truly believe that the goal’s I’ve mentioned above will really help me to be a healthier and happier person, emotionally and mentally.  To add on to that, I’m a pretty positive person, but I could definitely work on smiling some more, laying down a random compliment and focusing on the more positive side of things.  I also want to make more of a point of learning.  Sure, I’m out of school, but how awesome are those “wow, did NOT know that…” moments?  Time to start looking up when I say “I wonder why…”

On a more materialistic note, I want to feel good about how I look when I walk out the door.  My wardrobe is feeling pretty blah these days – so I want to start experimenting more colors, with hair, makeup and jewelry.  Ok. Girly moment over.

Physically, I feel pretty happy with what I’ve started.  Truthfully, when I think about when I started to run,  it feels like its been so much longer than October.  In just a few short months, I’ve managed to significantly improve my pace and distance.  I’ve accomplished a LOT already, but I know I can do more.  Time to get re-serious about running again, but keeping it fun.  I have my startings of a home gym and want to stay dedicated to lifting.

I’d also like to branch out again with my working out routine and think about getting back into Yoga.  This would require some allotment of funds and finding a studio I like, but I love the relaxing feeling I get after yoga and it seems like a perfect weekly activity.

That’s a heck of a list!  But I think it’s a good one and I think I can do it.  I feel like I’ve grown up so much in the past year as a person, I cannot wait to find out what this next year has in store!   I’m off to a good start so far, I’ve managed to get a lot done on my to – do list (note to self: learn to not write so much stuff on the To Do list…).  I’ve gone grocery shopping and filled my fridge with fresh produce again and am unreasonably excited about my salad for lunch tomorrow.  My menu for the week is stellar and I’m already looking forward to eating lite and fresh foods.  And despite my busy day, I snuck in some lifting, but compromised – instead of a whole lifting set, I focused on the upper body and will try to fit in lower body tomorrow or Thursday.  It felt good to accomplish something that I knew I wanted to, but not feel guilty about doing an abbreviated circuit.  So now that I’ve shared – your turn!!  Does anyone else have any resolutions/goals for the new year?

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