if at first you dont succeed?

January 4, 2012

Sooooo. The top is my first attempt at a crochet hat. It would fit nicely on a doll. The bottom was my second attempt. It would fit well on a scarecrow. Neither are particularly effective attempts. Although, if I’m looking at the bright side of things…which I am prone to do…
at least now I know a few things not to do? Attempt #3 is in progress. So far, I am better than attempt #1 and fingers crossed for surpassing #2 😉

In OTHER news. There isn’t much better than coming home on a freezing cold day, to a steaming bowl of homemade tomato basil bisque that I didn’t have to cook or warm up. Except of course a delicious fresh salad for lunch. Man, crunching into a tupperware filled to the brim with fresh veggies never tasted/felt so good. I’ve really been craving the cabbage, and was so glad I put some on the salad. Wonder if I’m a little low in Vitamin D (cabbage isn’t a huge source of it, but its high in Vitamin K, which is important for our getting enough Vitamin D) or Vitamin C…I’m willing to bet its one of these two that had my body screaming for the cabbage and broccoli all week…its amazing what our bodies can tell us. Anyone else ever able to link cravings to an actual reason for needing the food?

And we won’t get into the inner monologue I had with myself early this morning about the gym. But I’m happy to say there are 3 miles under my belt for the morning. This left me with an evening to enjoy tidying up a bit and trying this whole crochet thing…and with that…full circle 🙂

Indulge a craving and embrace having something to struggle with, in order to get better at it.


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