When do you workout?

January 11, 2012

Well, I had great ambitions and plans to night to get a few things accomplished (DIY mani is in the front of my thoughts), but all of that was tossed to back burner, because of one thing:

Oh.  Hello obsession.  Seriously guys, this book, it really is worth the hype.  I am so invested in the outcome of these characters and I don’t want to spoil the ending, but my mind is already begging the story to change its rules.   A lady stopped when she passed me reading it while waiting for the bus (yeah, its THAT good).  And informed me that the book  was simply put, addicting and that I may as well get the next two now and read them as soon as possible so I can get on with my regularly scheduled program life. Thanks lady, what little shred of willpower I had to put this book down, has now thrown in the towel.  At least I remembered to eat dinner…

Another day, another (EARLY) workout.  I’m betting a little better at hauling my butt out of bed to head to the gym – but it doesn’t really make me like it all the more.  Its funny, whenever anyone asks when I prefer to fit in my workouts, I never hesitate.  Morning.  It almost always puts me in a good mood and I love knowing I can carry that momentum through the whole day – and come home to a relaxing evening and accomplish other things that are important to me.   Most days, thats how it goes.  Today, I was a little bit more sluggish.  I’m working on focusing my efforts on one of my running goals, to break that 28 minute barrier for 5k.  This means a lot of speed interval work on the treadmill, which just involves 1-2 minute sprints.  Two days ago, I got a 5 minute sprint in and I think I would’ve fallen flat on my face if I had tried to this morning.  Would working out tonight have gone better for me?  Give up my beloved morning workouts?  From my trusty source (fitsugar.com), I gather there really is no actual answer to when is the better time to workout.  And I think I have to agree with this.  Working out is in so many ways tailored to the individual, right?  The limit we can push, the number of days we can go in a row, the amount of weight we can lift and the kind of exercises we can do.  So why would when we workout be any different?   I really enjoyed this article, that lists the pros and cons of all the different times to workout.  Afternoon workouts have never been an option for me unless I get home early and the weather is nice.  I have to admit, I feel GREAT afterwards and maybe its true that I have a little more energy to get in a good workout.  But I can definitely agree that with an evening workout, I have more reason to run a little longer and am constantly worrying about making sure I get in a good workout but at the same time getting home in time to get ready for work.  But of course, the trade off is getting less done in the evening and losing that great feeling of accomplishment, endorphins and adrenaline.  I’m a happy person, so anything that get help to feed that mood, I’m all for 🙂

When I was clicking through some of the posts about when is the best time to work out, I came across this interesting little , that predicts if you’re a morning, afternoon or night person.  The results, while a little predictable, are surprisingly accurate! The “natural bedtime” is almost always around when I doze off, no mater what time I sneak into bed :-p   So, according to these guys, I’m a moderate morning  person, so I think I’ll stick to those early AM workouts for a few more weeks, at least…take the survey and tell me!,  what are you?

And now, I will leave you.  I’ve got a book to go apologize to for putting it down 😉


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4 Responses to “When do you workout?”

  1. andy1076 Says:

    I tend to work out in the afternoon after work, when i’m very much awake so that i burn off all the energy which helps me sleep at night 🙂 great link to share! thank you 🙂

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