Little bit of List Love

January 16, 2012

Like so many of you, I.Love.Lists.   No joke.  Ask anyone and they’ll tell you I live to cross things off the list and have even been known to write down “make to do list” on my to do list, in order to get a jump start at crossing things off .  At any given point, I probably have about 3 different lists going.  Work lists, evening lists, week lists, weekend lists and month lists.  Lists. Lists. Lists. Lists. Lists.



That’s right, I said weekend lists.This weekend was no exception.  I had a handwritten list of everything I was hoping to get done tonight.  Last night I was excited to sit down after an exhausting weekend and cross off all of the things I had accomplished.



To my disappointment, despite spending all day in the kitchen and Saturday running errands and feeling like I made so many decisions, when it came down to marking all the things off I had wanted to get done, it seems like I got nothing done at all!  So I did something new.  After crossing off the things I did on my FIRST list.  I made another list.   This time I focused on all of the things I DID accomplish this weekend.    Turns out, I did a lot.  I spent Saturday running errands and getting a lot of things sorted out for our wedding in April.  On Sunday we watched football and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen.  I’m trying really hard to feel connected to the food that we’re eating.  So i’m REALLY trying to take the time and energy to make things I feel good about eatting.  Bread, salad dressing, crackers, etc.   I also got a little crafty this weekend and crossed a few projects off of my list (and even used a power drill…woot woot!) and a few that weren’t.

So in the end – the weekend was pretty productive (and yes, i did finally get those nails painted).   And did anyone watch the Golden Globes last night?  Am I the only one who is DYING to see The Artist now?  The Artist, Beginners, The Iron Lady and of course, I’m a little late, but Downton Abbey is OFFICIALLY on our start watching, list (see??? ANOTHER list).  I still haven’t seen Black Swan from last year either.  I have to be honest though, I LOVED watching the award show for seeing a lot of the fit celebs.  Guilty pleasure, but it can be so inspiring for those days when you need that extra push to put down the doughnut (or in my case, cut it in half – oops, ohhh well 🙂 )   Other things I did this weekend?  Crochet, Read Read Read, and some online tutorials on messing around with the camera a little more.   Until April, extraneous spending is out of the question, so for now its self-taught tricks, and by tricks -I mean messing around until something looks cool.


Tonight?  I plan on some hockey and Betty White’s 90th birthday bash.  Because I could use the giggles.   Its another week.  Who’s ready?





2 Responses to “Little bit of List Love”

  1. Candice Says:

    Totally with you on list making. I’m a pro list/schedule maker. Enjoy your week!

    • krhtoday Says:

      Love lists!!! Speaking of lists, I just made a few of my own on goodreads 🙂 That site is ADDICTING. I can’t wait to mess around with it some more 🙂
      Can’t wait to hear about your Cancun trip!! Until then, enjoy work 😦

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