Get motivated!

January 18, 2012

Why is it that the first extra 0.5 miles are the hardest part of the whole run???  UGH.

Well.  This morning marked my official return to the treadmill with training in mind.  And while 3.5 miles isn’t that daunting of a distance, its a mental hurdle to tell yourself you’re going to be on the treadmill for a few minutes longer than you’re used to.  Its not an awful hurdle to overcome, but a hurdle nonetheless.

Instead of forcing everyone to wallow in my self-pity with me, I thought I’d share this post from today by

Sometimes its hard to get yourself motivated, but there’s nothing wrong with letting someone else do it for you!  The article got me searching on pinterest for some more motivational images that I’ll be keeping in mind tomorrow morning when I head back to the gym.   Here are some of my favorites (note, all images are from

run rhino, run!

This last one is one of my favorites – I love the kick butt attitude.

Motivation is one thing, sleep is another – time to start getting to bed earlier so I’m as effective as possible pre-sunrise (ugh).   🙂


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