Some positivity for the weekend :)

January 20, 2012

So yeah. This week happened. Yeeeesh. Was it one of those weeks for anyone else? A ton to do, but never TOO much to do, yet somehow I never quite felt like I got a hold of it all. And while usually I would have a weekend of recoop to look forward to after a long week, that won’t exactly be the case this go –round. Its fair though, my weekend at home is full of meetings and appointments that have to get done, so its not for naught!

Part of my jumbled feeling, I’m sure has to do with trying to get myself “on schedule” with my half marathon training. I am exhaustedly happy to say, that effort was successful! 5 days straight of 5:20 wake up calls and pre-dawn workouts are in the books. Last night’s lifting session was a bit of a struggle, but I compromised with myself and ran through a short series of upper body lifts and some sun salutations to finish out the night. It felt good to stretch – I really can’t wait to incorporate more yoga back into my routine, but for now, saving money is the name of the game! So I’ll stick to self-directed poses and take what I can from that 🙂 A 5 mile run is on the schedule for this weekend and I’m hoping to get it in either tomorrow or Sunday evening. Its supposed to be a little wintery outside at home this weekend, so it may be a nice change of scenery or…it may be cold and dangerously slippery. I’ve never actually ran in the snow/wintery mix, so I’m not sure how it would go. I have a sneaking suspicion I might like it though.

All the same, I thought I’d check out a few tips from runners world to keep in mind when I lace up this weekend. Seems like the most important thing, as usual, is to simply stay smart. If its icy and cars are all over the road. Live to fight run another day. If its nice and quiet out, but still slippery, run where its packed down to avoid any major ice. I may double up on the socks bit as my Adidas are extremely light weight. Last thing I need are cold wet blistery feet – yuck! So lets see – extra socks, some underarmour, a winter hat and gloves, and my new reflective belt (saweeeeet) are all getting tossed into the bag for the weekend.

How about you all? Anyone live where you have to run in the winter weather if you want to run outside? Any tips/suggestions/do’s and don’ts are 100% appreciated.


And because this post started out in my head as a grumble fest – I’d like to counteract that by ending with some positivity 🙂

1. Its Friday. And even though it’s a busy weekend ahead, it’s a weekend!

2. I kicked some major butt in the self-discipline dept this week and feel really proud of my workouts.

3. I managed to clean out a lot of the food in my fridge and freezer with a week of “leftovers” meals and save some money in the process.

4. I got a lot done this week at work and know I have good things to show at my meeting next week.

5. And last but not least….

Yup. Two insanely adorable and ok…maybe strange, children. 🙂  I am a cell phone photograph NINJA.


Happy weekending everyone!


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