Ready set go

January 24, 2012

Man oh man.  Does anyone else NOT remember their weekend, let alone the week prior to? I think I spent half of yesterday trying to remember what the heck I did LAST week, so I could figure out what to do THIS week.  Doesn’t help that I didn’t have a healthy breakfast or fresh lunch planned.  But that’s what no food in the fridge will do for ya.  Thankfully, after last night’s marathon session of “Get my life together and organized” and I’m happy to say, that although a little achy and tired, I had, among other things, a clean floor, tasty breakfast (lovin’ my newest Baked Oatmeal combo!) and a delicious healthy lunch packed for today.  Sometimes, a girl just needs her day to get things in order, in order to face the day.

Moving on.

I RAN IN THE SNOW GUYS.  5.5 (oops, overran a bit) miles of winter running.  As expected, I actually enjoyed myself a lot.  I could tell my body was starting to get a little tired towards the end, but that’s to be expected and what training is for.  I realized a little too late that I probably should have packed a loose long sleeve t-shirt to go over my underarmour, but managed to stay warm enough for the duration of the run.  I sure am glad I packed that extra pair of socks though… Really, the only thing that was (oddly) cold by the end of the run, were my triceps and elbows.  Go figure.  But, the really important thing is that the run felt great.  And even though it was really hard to convince myself to lace up and head out, as soon as I took the first step, I knew it was the right thing to do.  I don’t push it speed wise on my longer runs, I’m trying hard to use them as a way to get used to distance and duration of exercise.  But, even with all of that precaution, I’m still really happy with getting my mileage in just under an hour.   I haven’t forgotten my goal of hitting a sub 28 minute 5k and plan on keeping up with my speed work during the week.  Here’s a tally of my first week of training:

Total Mileage:  Mon: 3.1 miles, Tues: 3.5 miles, Thurs: 3.5 miles, Sat:  5.5 miles.  So total, that puts me at 15.6 miles.  Probably a little higher than what I was supposed to do, but I wasn’t going to miss that Monday 5k!  And if I’m not hurting too much with that extra mileage, I don’t see that it’s a big deal.

For training this week, it’s a repeat of last week.











3.5 mile run

2 mile run or XT

3.5 mile run + strength


40 mi XT

5 mile run

I really enjoyed fitting in my final XT session on Friday morning last week, so I may opt for switching up the training schedule to push my long runs to Saturday – because I CLEARLY require at least a Sunday to prepare myself for the upcoming week J  Besides, there’s no better way to start a weekday than with an endorphin rush!    Although this morning’s run, was NOT a pretty one.  But I pushed my comfort zone speed wise and am really satisfied with that.

After a week of leftovers and a busy weekend, that didn’t exactly embody the spirit of healthy eating, I’m really looking forward to having planned meals all this week that include a TON of fresh veggies and protein.  Especially given how busy I think I’m going to be at work, a nice hot, nutritious meal will be extremely welcome.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and was able to prepare for the week ahead!  Can you believe its already half way over tomorrow??


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