January 26, 2012

Have you ever had one of those meals that is exactly what your body needed?


That’s what this meal was for me.  Delicious, nutritious, surprisingly perfect on a cold night, and leaves room for creative liberties.

What you are looking at, is a great internet recipe find by my friend at work, who didn’t want to try it out before knowing how it would taste.  Well friend, your loss – until of course, you make it.   This, is a roasted butternut squash and quinoa salad.  Warm, a little bit caramelized and that awesome tart, that only bleu (or in my case, Gorgonzola) cheese can provide.

To add just a little bit more to this, and to feel like I’m not completely worthless at coming up with something delicious – (does anyone else feel like they’re cheating when they use someone else’s recipe??  Gotta start somewhere though, right?) – I tried my hand at whipping together a Citrus Balsamic Vinaigrette.

And while it may not win the awards for the prettiest thing to look at…

It tasted like the perfect compliment to the perfect dish- my culinary pride is safe for now.   Whew 🙂

Citrus Balsamic Vinaigrette:

5 small oranges, peeled (de-seed them if you see any)

¼ white onion

Balsamic Vinegar (to taste)

Olive oil (to taste)

About ½ tsp Sugar/Honey

Like most salad dressings, this one is pretty easy to make and is a less about exact measurements and more about the taste.   All I did was blend the oranges and the white onion in a mini food processor until pretty well liquefied.  Mix in the vinegar, olive oil and sugar (if you want) to taste and shake it up pretty well.

Drizzle it on the salad and enjoy! Preferably on a cold night, in comfy pants, after a long hard day of work.  Worked for me!


ps.  For the record?  This was lick the tupperware the next day for leftovers worthy.  And I may or may not have done just that.

pps.  Quinoa Stir Fry???

3 Responses to “Yum”

  1. sarahlipoff Says:

    I’m so glad you liked the recipe – and I’m going to try making it with your citrus vinaigrette!

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