Note to self…

January 30, 2012

Dear Self,


Here are a few things I would like you to remember in the future.

1.  When you’re in a bad mood or a bit of a funk – never, I repeat NEVER go into the kitchen.  You don’t cook well when upset.

2. When you go for long runs on the weekend, this is a good thing (5 miles!) – be proud, let yourself smile, breathe and relax afterwards.

3.  You are not perfect and everything you do doesn’t have to be either.

4.  You should drink more water.  You always say you aren’t drinking enough.  So drink more.

5.  Reading makes you happy – do that more often.

6. You’re doing something awesome by training for this half marathon.  Embrace it.

7.  Smile.

8.  Go to bed, because tomorrow you have to get up early.




Goals for this week:

Push harder than the day before.

Try more Vegan cooking – learn how and why it works.  Get BETTER.

Drink more water. A LOT more.

Read a little each day.

Smile instead of get frustrated, once a day.

Be content, but never settle.

THINK about work.  SLOW DOWN.


Tough weekend calls for some tough love.


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