A list, revisited

January 31, 2012

Eeek! How did it get to be Jan 31st already?  Then again, how is it only Jan 31st?  Its 60 some degrees here today and this warmer weather has me wishing for spring to come FAST. But with all of this day dreaming of what’s coming, I thought I’d take the time to check out what all has happened this month instead.

The beginning of January is synonymous with new years resolutions and goals.

People tend to set out with a positive mindset and are looking for some change.  I can say from experience, that these goals tend to fall by the wayside as the year progresses.   So to hold myself accountable, I’m going to try and look back at the end of each month and see how I’ve been doing personally with my new years resolutions.  Are they reasonable? Achievable?  Have I been loyal to them?

Lets take a look:

  1.  Drink more water – a lofty and appropriate goal for me.  I tend to chug my coffee in the morning and then get busy and forget to pound the water afterwards.  The evenings are a little better, but unless I’m eating something salty, I really tend to forget to have a swallow or even FINISH a glass of water.  Yikes! I’m pretty good about “water weekdays” (no alcohol during the week), but if I’m honest, looking back there are more than a few days that my water consumption was too low.  So in honor of renewing this goal.  I’m writing this post and drinking more water.  I took water to the gym with me this morning too.  Small steps, but good steps!
  2. Balance – I started off strong with this one, I think.  But lately, I’ve been missing that drive or purpose I think is so important for conquering this goal.  I had a solid chat with myself, a mentor and a friend.  I have thoughts in my head that need to become actions at work.  But that’s a good first step, right?  Realizing what you need to move away from and change in order to get closer to what you’re looking for.  No major life revelations, but a maturation of mindset 🙂  I’ll take that.  Maybe I haven’t been doing so bad with that balance thing after all 😉
  3. Projects – Man oh man, have I taken the bull by the horns with THIS one.  Tying my goal of balance into this resolution, last year I think I put too MANY things on my list, which effectively overwhelmed me and things rarely got accomplished.  For January, I opted for taking on a project or two a week/weekend.  This has worked out so well for me and I have successfully and PROUDLY crossed things off my list, such as:
    1. Conquering those darn crochet hooks
    2. Making two separate earring holders (girls, you know how this can be…)
    3. Using decorative knobs to hang my necklaces
    4. Finally made my first set of Apple Bitters!
    5.   I’m also trying to get better at mixing drinks, classic cocktails and learning what flavors taste good together.  We’re not big drinkers, but I wouldn’t mind being known how to whip up a decent drink 🙂

Of course, the other part of this goal, was to put a greater emphasis on the blog, etc.  More pictures,  I think I have done better with that goal, but am constantly searching for ways to increase the substance of the blog.  I have some ideas for general lay out etc., but am always looking for topics to discuss, write about and hear about 😀

  1. Read more – I love reading.  I can definitely tell a difference between the days that I’m able to put even just 5 minutes of time into flipping a few pages and the days that I don’t.  To help me out with this goal, I took the advice of Candice Peak and joined Good reads.  It’s a fun way to keep track of the books you want to read vs. have read.  The recommendations are helpful and I love to read the reviews.  I love that you can set a goal for how many books you want to read for the year.  Happily I’ve gotten back into the habit of reading and have enjoyed the company of several good books so far this month.
  2. Recycle More – Man, what an important goal to have these days.  Our apartment complex doesn’t necessarily make recycling easy, but I didn’t give Brandon a choice about this one. We recycle what we can, when we can.  I do my best to not use the plastic straws when out at restaurants and I always opt for bringing a reusable water bottle along with me on the weekends wherever I go, rather than nabbing a bottle when I’m out.  I’m also trying to tie this in with my goal of more projects and repurpose things that would otherwise be tossed away.
  3. The Healthy Stuff – This is a heavy one, no?  So many levels of what healthy really is.
    1. Physically – I’m doing alright with this one, I think vacation was a tough thing to snap out of (and truthfully, I still feel bits of it lingering), but my new goal of a half marathon, I’ve really gotten back into training mode.  I’m trying to feed my body healthy, nourishing foods and have been experimenting with my new cookbooks!   I can’t wait to share a few of the things I’m pretty proud of later this week!
    2.  Emotionally – I definitely hit a few funky low points this month, helloooo cranky.  I think I’m starting to snap back out of it and as much as I smile already, smiling more is always an option.
    3. Materialistically?  Girls, you can attest to this – seasonal wardrobe blaaaaaaaahs.  But again, tying back into my goal of more projects/recycling – I’m trying to figure out different ways to jazz up the outfits, without putting a major dent in my wallet.  There’s so much inspiration out there also for different takes on outfits and pairings, that it really is hard to not find different ways to feel good about walking out that door!

All in all, I think I’ve done a good job with taking steps for my goals, but taking the time to look back at the month and being critical also lets me know where I can improve.   I’m excited to see though, that this year I think I’ve made some truly attainable goals and am pretty excited about the idea of being that much better of a person at the end of the year, one month at a time 🙂

Tell me – do you ever check back to see how you’re doing resolutions wise??  What about this year?

xo and just because…

for serious - could you resist those eyes?

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