Katie’s Kitchen

February 1, 2012

The post I had for today, is MIA.  So the post you will get  today, is food 🙂

Note to self: make smoothies look prettier...





Quick and easy weekend lunch









No barley for risotto? No problem.


Best. Vegan Lentil Loaf. EVER.









Tofu Ricotta and the wonder that is spaghetti squash - i'm obsessed!


Don’t worry though -not everything I touch in the kitchen comes out looking delicious.

Scone Fail.

My first foray into a Vegan Scone was not so hot and is exactly the recipe that has me diving into my Vegan baking book this week to learn.  Most of the recipes you see above are pretty Vegan friendly (save the noodles maybe, and the yogurt in my chick pea salad up top) and I’m really proud of how they taste.  And our dinners this week have been getting the surprised Carnivore’s Seal of Approval.

And in case you were worried I haven’t been keeping up with my training – no worries! Despite having a rough go of dragging my butt out of bed – I’ve had great workouts this week.  This morning I added on a “catch up” mile on the treadmill to the end of my bike XT.  I call it a catch up mile, because I spent the first minute barely walking to mess around with my headphones.  8 minutes later, I had finished up a total 9 minute mile, which means I was running a solid sub 9 minute pace for the general duration of my run.  Definitely a great way to end a morning workout!

I’ve also been trying to focus a bit more on my core and gluts to help gain some strength for running and found some fun  exercise ball moves that after trying briefly last night, I was giggling from how horrible I was at them.  Definitely going to have to get better at these, because I could 100% feel them working.

Welllp – just 2 more days to go before I can sink into my couch and enjoy some pizza and a nice big glass of wine 🙂



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