Fly me to the moon

February 3, 2012

Friday! Friday! Gotta get down on Friday!  <insert victory dance here>

It was one of those weeks.  On Monday, I was not mentally prepared for the week, AT ALL.  Then I blinked and here it is, the end of the week.  A pleasantly busy week, without feeling overwhelmed.  Although today was a test.  At the gym by 4:55 this morning – eek! At work by 6:40 and haven’t stopped moving since.   But, like so many times – the tough day was worth it in the end.  I had a great end of the week meeting with the boss and progressed on some thoughts I had earlier in the week.  Nothing like starting a weekend with a content/satisfied feeling and a glass of red 🙂

I’ve overloaded you this week with things I’ve been cooking lately – so I thought I’d clue you in on some of the lifting exercises I’ve been doing.  I got a little bored with just lifting free weights this week, so I decided to go a different route for my lifting last night and use my own body weight and an exercise ball as the challenge.  If you remember from a few days ago I shared a link that showed two different exercises – the leg curls and pike to planks.  I added a few more exercises to the mix and even though I didn’t do any actual “lifting”, I still got that ultimate shakey muscle feeling in the end!

My Exercise Ball Routine

Pushups – 3×12 sets.  For these I had the ball under my legs, although I’ve also done then bracing myself against the ball with my arms.  Keeping my abs tight, I lowered and held for three seconds before bringing myself back up.  These took a little bit of wiggling around to figure out the best position.

Leg curls – 3×12 sets – Did these based on the video I shared.  Lemme tell ya  – my hamstrings definitely felt this one.  More hamstring exercises needed – noted.

Wall Squats – 3×12 sets – Setting the ball between my back and the wall, do a squat by essentially “rolling” down the wall.  Hold the squat for 3 counts then back up slowly!

Plank to Pikes – 3×12 sets – um.  Yeah.  These?  Are a challenge. My “pike” looked more like a little tiny bump.  I was shaking on the ball so much after the first 5, these are a definite keeper!

And that’s it! I know it doesn’t look like a lot, but by keeping my core engaged for the entire time, I really feel like my abs got a good workout in the end! ESPECIALLY after those plank to pikes.  Yowzas!  Do you guys ever get bored with lifting?  What do you do to change it up?

With that  – it is FRIDAY, ya’ll.  That means tomorrow is the weekend.  :-O  I have big plans for a 6 mile run, visiting with Brandon’s parents, the Heavy Seas Oysters and Beer festival (I’ll forgo the Oysters, but happy to imbibe!), some consignment shopping/antiquing, some cooking, DEFINITELY some eating and some FOOTBALL.  Hope everyone has some fun things planned!


ps – 100% crushing on these photos (check out the source, here).  The subject?  Photos from Life magazine of my beloved Rat Pack.

"How do you like, your eggs in the mornin'?..."

One of my favorite photos of Sinatra, ever.


Fly me to the moon

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