Monday Reset

February 6, 2012

And just like that, another start to the week.  Monday, done.  In actuality, my week’s beginning wasn’t so bad.  I ended last week at work on a really great mental high, so I’m glad I was able to carry that over into the weekend.  One thing I’m glad I won’t be carrying over, is my tendency to eat more than necessary last week/weekend.  Stress does strange and curious things, my friends, like make my body think it needs a Hershey Chocolate nugget (or 2) each day. Not only is this bad for the middle, milk chocolate tends to make me break out if I eat it too consistently.  I’m putting a nice ol’ stop to it right here and now.  But seriously, after last week’s pizza binge and this weekend’s superbowl festivities (which, I guess weren’t really SO bad), I feel like I need to clear out the system.  Despite my best and probably somewhat successful efforts, I still feel like all I did these past few days has been eat eat eat eat eat.  I try for the healthy – and being a vegetarian really helps with that, but sometimes you just can’t help packing it all in.

What’s interesting is that even though I enjoyed eating what I did, my mind and body cannot WAIT to get back to a healthier lifestyle.  Even eating leftovers for lunch all last week, instead of fresh salads really changed how I was feeling.  My appetite was out.of.control.  I was starving every second of every day! So this week, my goal is to wrestle that appetite back under control, with some high fiber, high protein meals, especially at lunch time.  Add in some healthy as possible dinners and some serious booty kicking at the gym this week – I think I’ll be good.    So I’m going to break it down and ya’ll can keep me honest this week! So here goes:

  1.  MENU






Roasted portabella caps, stuffed with “creamed” spinach mix.  Side of lentil/quinoa mix.

Veggie Burger Paninis – I’m thinking with some sort of chipotle/spicy sauce

 Vegetarian Chili

I’ve found some interesting recipes online for TOFU chili, and I’m super excited to try!to go on top?


Homemade Pizza

My reign of cooking delicious food that photographs horribly, continues!

I made my “creamy spinach” based loosely on this lovely recipe.  To make a long story short, I didn’t use kale or olives and swapped out Almond milk for the soy.  For my own twist, I added some slivers of fresh garlic, a generous helping of ground ginger and some grated carrots.   To round out the meal with some protein (lentils) and grains (rice), I did a side of lentil/brown rice mixed together with some lightly sauted onions and currants, for a little bit of sweet.  DELISH.

I love the flecks of orange you can see in the spinach



My training schedule this week will include at least THREE days of lifting.  I’ve decided to increase my lifting regiment, in an effort to be more dedicated to weight training and see some results.   I’ll also be doing two days of 4 mile runs and 2 days of XT, 40 minute each day and this weekend I have a 6 mile run on the books.

Here’s what I’ve decided for lifting tonight –it got to be a little tough towards the end with all of the plank/stability moves, but I definitely was sensing some  form of improvement at the end.  Similar to last week – I’m trying to incorporate some more core workouts by adding in the stability ball.  Definitely a good way to tire out your arms!

Stability ball DB Tricep extensions – 3×12

Stability ball DB bench press – 3×12

Ball squats w/ curls combo – 3×12

Kettel Bell Figure 8s – 3×10

Stability ball leg curls-3×12

Stability ball plank leg lifts – 3×10

Plank to Pike – 3x as many as I could muster

DB shoulder press – 3×12

Reverse DB flies – 3×12

Stability ball back extension – 3×10


Other than that, my goals this week are to quit the snacking and break that nasty habit of chocolate every day.  I’m also going to try as HARD AS I CAN to keep my coffee consumption to two cups a day.  Usually I have about 3-4 cups on any given day, especially after an early morning workout.  It’s a nasty way to dehydrate yourself and its time to switch over to water and tea (decaf!) in the afternoon.   Hopefully this will get me back on track to feeling awesome in no time!

What do you guys think of my goals for the week?  Do you find yourself trying to “reset” after most weekends? How do you do it – does it help to write it all out, like I do?

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