Plateaus and milestones

February 14, 2012

This weekend, we headed back up north for some more appointments and to spend some time with mah mama.  It was her birthday on Sunday and to celebrate, I offered to join her at one of her bodypump classes.  She’s always asked if I wanted to go along and until a few weeks ago I never had.

Enter:  Katie starts to seriously get into weight training and fitness.  I’ve been getting a little bored with my lifting circuits lately and honestly feel like I’ve reached a plateau.  So I started looking into some of the gyms in the area and looking around at what they have to offer.   We didn’t have any gym passes, because I was never sure if I’d ever make it worth my while, especially with the ability to run and lift outside of the gym.  I used this past weekend as both a birthday gift for my mom – and lets be honest, she was positively BEAMING the entire class and as a way to see if I liked the Bodypump class, which is one of the classes I’m interested in taking.  Note to self:  go to classes with mom more often (especially since it involves doughnuts and coffee afterwards).  Note to self #2:  I really enjoyed the class.  I don’t think I will ever give up lifting with increased weight and lower reps, but I really like the high rep/lower weights philosophy that the Bodypump class offers also.  I read on their site that you’re doing upwards of 800 reps in one class (55 minutes!).  That’s. A lot. The bonus points – were that I actually felt a tad sore afterwards, despite the lower weight amounts.  Something I haven’t felt with lifting in awhile.  So while I don’t think I’ll be giving up my normal lifting routine, I will be coming at my plateau with a double whammy of increasing my weight at home and to slip in a few classes with the lower weight and higher reps.  Not to mention I’m really interested in taking some form of kickboxing classes to feel like a bad-ass 😉

Joining a gym has more than just the benefit of group classes though.  I’ve been seriously considering training for a “sprint” triathlon.  For those who may not know what this is, its essentially an abbreviated version of a full triathlon.   In order to that, I need access to a lap pool where I can get my sorry butt back into the water.  I haven’t swam legit laps since I was on the summer rec league swim team – yikes!  But I think with a serious dedication to training and an appropriate amount of time, its feasible.  The race I’m looking at is 500 yards of swimming.  Help me out swimming buddies – is this doable for someone who is relatively fit, but hasn’t been in a lap pool for some time?

Speaking of training – I got in my longest run to date on Saturday afternoon.  For the record.  It was cold. Cold, wet and windy.  And snowy.  Very snowy.  Couldn’t see a foot in front of your face snowy.  Luckily, I was pretty warm in my underarmour compression gear, but that didn’t keep my feet from getting wet – yuck.  But all of that aside, the sore, aching body, the slightly upset stomach and feeling pretty tired afterwards – I got in my run 🙂 6 miles of non-stop, outside.  Chalk another one up to the “first time ever” pile.

It was NOT warm out

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!  I spent mine evening on the couch with some Thai food and a VERY Good first batch of homemade beer by the mister!



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