insert sneeze here

February 15, 2012

No seriously.  The number of times I have sneezed today is borderline comical.

I ALMOST have a cold.  I can FEEL it.   It doesn’t help that there’s been a distinct lack of sleep around here and the fact that our apartment temp is kept at the level of “ice age”.  Oh well, its winter – right?  Every one is fair game for this stuff.   I’m pretty stubborn and refuse to go down for the count, so i’m doing everything I can today to fight the good fight and be able to get up tomorrow morning and pound out another 4.5 miles.

So today, in between the non-stop sneezes and sniffles, I chugged water and 2 cups of tea, plus some Naked Power C smoothie juice.  I’m trying to stay hydrated and boost my Vitamin C.   I’m thinking of adding the rest of the juice to a smoothie to sip on for the rest of the week.  Happily, cooking wasn’t necessary tonight, thanks to the miracle of the crock pot.   I skipped out on the greens at lunch today to finish up some leftovers, so tonight I chowed down on some saute’d brussel sprouts.  Its amazing how after having something green every day, your body begins to miss it if you haven’t had it by dinner!   Guess its back to salads for lunch for me!   I’m trying a new idea for tea tonight, I took some minced ginger and honey and steeped them in some hot water.  Its my first time making tea without any actual tea leaves, but it was the only thing that sounded good.  Its admittedly a little strong on the ginger, but anything to kick this cold in the butt!

Clearly, this is the world’s most interesting post. Oh well.  A girl’s allowed to get sick right?

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have either a delicious recipe, or be able to tell you how much I loved my first Body Combat class!    Fingers crossed I won’t face plant or punch myself in the eye, i’m not sure how an early AM run and a late PM class will go.  Wish me luck 🙂

stay healthy!!


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