Kale Cures…we hope.

February 16, 2012

Day 2 of fighting off the ever-looming, threatening cold.  It seems like my remedies last night worked a little bit, I wasn’t quite as stuffy as I was yesterday, but still not 100%.  I still made it to the gym, but opted to switch out my 4.5 mi run for another XT session.  I tried another new program on the bike, called “Around the World”, which – if I’m reading the red squares on the screen right, simulates climbing different buildings from around the world?  I kept the resistance level low, but definitely am going to try again with upping the resistance for a better workout, seems like it could be a fun one!  Hopefully I can add that run back in tomorrow morning.

I’ve also been all but injecting green stuff into myself.  Last night was a dose of brussee sprouts and tonight isn’t going to be much different.  Its leftovers night and I am seeing a plate of Thai food mixed with some brussel sprouts & kale pan roasted in some olive oil and hot sauce.  YUM.  I’ve been craving green things like the sprouts and kale and broccoli, as well as tofu lately, which makes me wonder if I’m missing out on some essential nutrients lately.  To take care of some of that craving – I whipped up a smoothie last night, filled with some tofu, carrots, kale, the last of my Power C Machine juice from Naked Juice company, a handful of frozen strawberries we had in the freezer and a few bananas.  Some almond milk and sunflower seed butter for good measure to top it off (sorry for the grainy photos, i’m stuck using my phone until we get the camera recharged).

Chock-a-block FULL of goodies! 🙂

This smoothie is healthy and keeps me pretty satiated for the better part of the mornings/afternoons.  Add to that a gargantuan salad with tons of goodies like beans, broccoli, tomatoes etc etc etc and homemade dressing, I’m hoping to feel better sooner rather than later! ESPECIALLY since I’m hoping to hit up my first ever Body Combat class in my new gym tonight.

I know the world can be pretty divided about whether or not working out is good when you’re sick.  Clearly, if you’re running a fever, etc – exercising should be a no-go, but for me, when it’s a head cold, I’m more inclined to go for a low impact workout than avoiding a workout altogether – anything I can do to help the immune system!  Not to mention a wicked internal guilt system.  I know that listening to your body when it says it needs rest is important, but I haven’t quite gotten the hang of that just yet.  Its so hard to tell when you actually need the rest, vs just don’t want to lace up the sneaks.  When I’m training for something, I find it so much harder to take a day off.  I realize in the end, missing a run or two isn’t going to derail the progress I make, but I just can’t shake that feeling. Anyone else have a hard time discerning between the two??

Fingers crossed you’ll see me at the gym tonight!


ps – click on over to check out Jenny’s response to my Eleven post from last week! Fun to see her answers!

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