“Can’t stop, won’t stop”

February 20, 2012

Happy Monday! For those of you who had today off, hope it was a well-deserved relaxing day and for those of us who didn’t, well, I hope it was productive and full of good moods 🙂

Guys, I am so stoked right now – I cannot get my weekend long run out of my mind.  Let me back up a few steps.  Saturday was a slight regression in the Katie vs. Cold grand battle royale.  I felt pretty miserable all day and we had a lot of errands to run.  My energy was down and I was sore (thanks to lifting, body combat –SO FUN- and 4.5 miles in the course of 24 hrs) and my cold was fighting back.  To top it off, I was made all the more miserable by that nagging thought in the back of my mind “you should get your run in today”.  I was scheduled for 7 miles last week, to top off a 16 mile week.  I finally reminded myself that rest days were important and that there were not one, but TWO days in a weekend.  I only had to start feeling guilty when Monday morning rolled around and I still hadn’t pounded the pavement.  So I gave in and stayed put once our errands were done (which ended up taking all day!!) and had some homemade pizza, read through one of my favorite blogs, which got me re-inspired and relaxed on the couch. Best. Decision. Ever.

I woke up early enough to fit in a pre-run snack and some coffee – and headed out for my 7 miler.  The first mile or so was a little rough, my legs were heavy and tired and took a bit to warm up, but as I’ve put more and more miles under my feet, I’m beginning to recognize when I start to warm up.  I usually hit my stride around mile 2-2.5.  My double loop is one of my favorite routes to date and before I knew it I was hitting the end.  I felt pretty darn ok, but starting to get a little tired from the hills, so I tacked on a short little extra bit through my apt complex before deciding I really had done enough.  Imagine my surprise when I got back in to check my distance – my 7 mile run, ended up being EIGHT MILES.  EIGHT guys.  That is 100%,without a doubt my best mileage tally and I felt SO good while doing it (and lets face it, afterwards – STILL riding those endorph highs).  I even maintained a respectable (for me) long-run pace.  I’m so amazed by runners who can maintain sub-9 minute paces, heck, sub 10- minute paces for longer distances.  Talk about motivation!

The best part about the run, is that 8 miles is a pretty solid better part of half of my 13.1 miler coming up at the end of March.  Until now, there was always SOME doubt in my mind.  13.1 miles is a long distance, especially for a newbie runner like me.  So much about it is daunting, the distance, the time, the “alone-ness” of a solo half marathon, but I have yet to stop crossing off those workouts off of my training schedule.  Yesterday’s run, was the first time since starting this training that I’ve looked back and thought “I can actually do this” and I’m already thinking ahead to what un-imaginable -to me- thing I can accomplish next.  Half-triath?  Full Marathon? Trainer cert?  So many possibilities that just one run can make feel so much more attainable.

First on that list?  Hitting up another gym class, solo.  If you know me at all, you know I hate doing things alone, especially for the first time.  But I am DETERMINED to work on building up my lifting regiment and have some killer arms (when my gym payment is due is also a good motivator to not waste that money!!).  This morning (6 AM!) I tested out the Body Pump class at our gym.  I went once before with my mom, but kept my weight low.  So this time I upp’d it (not a lot!) and am definitely feeling a little shaky.  I still can’t believe how effective light weights can be, but yikes!  I guess 800 reps in an hour will do that J.   Bonus points – taking the early morning class not only helps me feel so productive and good about myself BEFORE 7 AM, but it also gives me the evening at home to relax and not worry about fitting in my lifting with a big list of stuff to do! Monday’s workout?  Check.

So I apologize for the long post.  But revelations like this are just too overwhelming not to share.  And if you can take any motivation from my experiences, like I do from everyone else, I will be that much more thrilled.  So here’s to another week of training, sweat and motivation for the next set!




3 Responses to ““Can’t stop, won’t stop””

  1. Congratulations on surpassing your mileage and feeling so great! I hope your cold leaves you completely! You will no doubt be ready for your half marathon at the end of March!! And remember, while you may be running alone at the half marathon, there will be TONS of other people running, and even more standing on the sidelines cheering you on. Alone among thousands of others is not nearly the same as ALONE. Remember to feed off their energy and take as many high fives from strangers as you can! Happy Running!

    • krhtoday Says:

      What a lovely comment! Thank you so much – and your’e right, alone, is not truly ALONE when i’m out there. The runners, the people cheering. Races are amazing from every aspect. Thanks so much for stopping by! I loved your post on the long run – so true, love ’em and hate ’em!

  2. Nik Says:

    How did you find that blog? That lady is like your twin.

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