Better, Better, Stronger

February 22, 2012


I wish I had taken a picture to show you what our dining room has looked like for the past week or two.  Wedding warzone.  But finally, after last night’s marathon session, Wedding invites are OUT the door.

So after Sunday’s AMAZING run and Monday’s solid body pump session, I was feeling pretty awesome mentally, but physically I was BEAT.  I ended up sleeping for 8 hrs straight, then flipped my alarm over for another hour after it went off at 5.  NINE hours of sleep, no morning run and still sleepy.  But because I am a rather stubborn individual, I was determined to run.  And because I was going to be running in the afternoon, it was my new goal to run outside and see if I could push myself past a slow run pace.  Since starting this whole training thing, my goals have gone from “I just want to finish” to “I want to finish BETTER, run BETTER, be STRONGER”.  So I set out for my 4.5 miles outside after work.  Added incentive?  First time running in the evening around our neighborhood.  There are a few busy roads that people like to zoom through around us, so I wanted to get home sooner rather than stay out on  those roads for too long once it got dark.  Long story short, mission accomplished, sort’ve.  I got in my 4.5 miles AND I was decently under my slow run pace and there were more than a few hills.  Even though I’m proud of what I got done, I still think/know I can do better.  The question is, HOW.

This morning, the question was ever present in my mind as once again, getting out of bed for my early AM working, just wasn’t.gonna.happen.  What gives?!  2 mornings in a row where I simply could not get out of bed.   Here are my thoughts.

  1. I’m getting over a cold.
  2. I’ve had a few later than normal nights lately and 2 hard runs within that same time frame.  Not the best combo.
  3. I’ve added in at least 2 new classes to my already busy workout schedule – and am looking to add in a third.
  4. I’m not convinced I’ve been eating nutritionally balanced meals lately.  Sure, I’ve been housing the green veggies like there’s no tomorrow, but what about all of the REST of my food – am I overfueling (this is a huge question in my mind lately) am I not doing an ADEQUATE job of fueling?

All of these things could have an effect on my running and not getting better, even though I have to admit, that since I’ve started, I’ve certainly seen improvements in both distance AND speed.  But I’m stalling.  Which is why I wanted to incorporate more into my workout regiment.  So.  Here are my goals for the next few weeks, in order to make sure I STAY HEALTHY and can keep on improving.  I want to feel proud when I cross that finish line in March and know that I’ve done my best and look forward to doing better, again.

Goal 1:  Develop a BETTER idea and understanding of my nutritional balance.  With special attention to fueling before and after my workouts.  For example, I do NOT need to carb load before a 5k run and I certainly don’t need to refuel with a smoothie, power bar, oatmeal and PB toast (exaggerating here, people – I don’t eat THAT much) if I’ve spent my morning XT workout peddling away on the recumbent bike for 45 minutes while lazily flipping through a good read.  I’m not looking to count calories, but I could stand to learn a little more about making decent meals and figure out what nutrients I’m missing out on.   Tangible goal?  Try to make my plate at least ½ to ¾ Veggies and COLORFUL.

Goal 2: Focus on getting STRONGER. I’ve already talked about getting more weights into my routine and taking the lifting seriously when I do.  But my other XT exercise, the bike – is only as good as I push it to be, right?  Lately, “pushing it” has NOT been in my XT vocab.  Although I usually try for one hard resistance day and one day of less resistance, there’s certainly not a shortage of breath or increase in heart rate afterwards.  I read an interesting comment on an article that said something to the effect of most runners who use biking for XT rarely do it effectively enough to have it be considered proper XT.  If I take a serious and honest look at my biking, they’re right.  How is it going to help me get stronger, if I don’t actually push myself to a new level?  It should be no different than weight lifting.  The same goes for my running.  I’m working on upping my paces, but I need to push a little harder and not stick to the speed I know is “fast but doable for a bit”.  Its ok to hit that speed, but getting better means pushing past that speed, even if only for a minute.

So, lets check back in a week to see how I’m doing, eh?   In an attempt to get myself back on track, I’m off to hopefully try my first Yoga class at the new gym and NOT fall asleep – new yoga move, downward face plant?

Anyone else in a workout/nutrition rut??


ps – I swear, I’m charging the battery to my camera soon.  Real live pictures on the blog again!? :-O



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