Now back to our regularly scheduled program?

February 27, 2012

Its Monday.

Is today weird for anyone else?  After last week’s insanely long week, I just can’t seem to get myself back into the swing of things, food, workout or work wise.   Which isn’t exactly inspiring for those last few weeks of a training program… :-p

I was really hoping I’d be in the mood for a body pump class this morning, to get myself back into a pre-work workout schedule.  Instead, I ended up waking up later than normal, a hurried shower and somehow ended up reading most through most of my free time this morning.  What?

I blame my week of crazy last week.  I blame my weekend of running around this weekend.  I blame myself for enjoying sleeping a little longer than not.  I blame excuses instead of solutions.  Time to get back into the realm of self-discipline.  I do best when I’m keeping myself busy with things to do – which means its time for a few lists!

I’ve mentioned once before, that there is both a morning and an evening to a day.  Not getting my morning workout in, doesn’t mean that I can’t get one in when I get home.  So I’m going to do just that.

Monday’s are my stretch/lifting day on my training schedule so I put together a lifting circuit to follow tonight.

Squats w/ shoulder press
Bicep curls
Tricep kickbacks
Bentover DB rows
Lateral raises (side/front)
DB Clean Press
Balance ball pushups

Some of the other lists I’ve made for the week include a menu plan designed to clean out the perishables in the fridge, a few weeknight “to dos”, which include laundry and some new recipes to try out for this week’s breakfasts and snacks and a Weekly workout schedule plan – which looks a little something like this:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
PM- lifting AM-5 mile run –speed intervals! AM-XT (hard bike circuit!)

PM – Yoga/light lifting circuit

AM – 5 mile run – hill intervals

PM – Body Combat

Rest or hotel workout

This week/weekend will be a tricky one to navigate, because we’ll be out of town for a long weekend.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get my long run in (2 weekends in a row, yikes!), but I’m hoping to use the gym as much as possible and keep active, when we’re not busy with family stuff.   But I’m still getting at least 2 nights of lifting in and 2 nights of XT (Body combat is an intense 1 hr cardio session – I love it!).

Man – the week doesn’t look so long when you section it out that way!   Now…if only today could just move itself along and we can all get back on track and on with our evening plans 🙂 

I’m curious – how does everyone else manage to keep on track and motivated to get things done and stay productive???




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