Food, Five miles, Friday

March 9, 2012

I love tofu.



I also love veggies and a homemade peanut sauce.



This meal was insanely delicious after Yoga on Wednesday night. I almost feel badly about not sharing it with you sooner.  It was originally planned as a wrap, but I decided to throw mine on top of some salad instead.  Best. Decision. Ever.  The bowl was a mix of salad, roasted tofu, carrots and zucchini, black beans and a homemade peanut sauce.

I’m home in Lancaster for the night – but NOT before I managed to squeeze in a run outside in the sun!  My knee has felt a little tweaky lately, but I think it felt better when I was running, rather than not  :-p  a sign?  I also think that it may be time for me to start thinking about getting a new pair of sneaks, although I’m a little nervous about getting new shoes so close to the race (eek!!!)  I surprised myself for today’s run.

1.  I was TIRED.

2.  My knee was hurting

3.  It was crazy windy.
All of these combined led me to the conclusion that I’d only run for as far as I felt comfortable and no faster than what was comfortable.  And what was awesome, was that despite all the above that were seeminglyagainst me, I clocked in at a time that was a little faster than my normal slow run pace, even though I was making a conscious effort to not push too hard.  I guess that means pushing myself yesterday was worth the tired legs this morning! 🙂

Friday Fiver, done.  Now…how to get better from here???


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