More miles, more milestones

March 12, 2012

Monday Monday Monday!

Did everyone survive their weekend with Daylight Savings??  Honestly, I occupied enough all weekend, I think my body forgot to care if I lost an hour of sleep or not.   I find that trying to stick with a fairly normal schedule, even though i’m a little sleepy for the day, helps me to get used to the time change a lot faster- yes?

I went home for some wedding type things this weekend and managed to keep pretty active too.  I am happy to say, that despite having to squish it all together with some double workout days – I managed to cross off all of my training for the week! That’s 2 five mile runs (one of which was outside in the SUN), 2 days of Cross training (3 mile run and body combat) and at least 1 day of strength training (body pump on Saturday) and another of stretch/strength (Yoga on Wednesday).    And for the BIG news of the weekend….

My long run!  Its been 2 weeks since I’ve been able to fit in a weekend long run, so I was dreaaaaaaaaaaaading it.  My last run clocked in at 8 miles, which if you recall – I was pretty stoked about.  For yesterday’s run, I had a 10 mile run planned.  Nerves, self doubt and all.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day for it, and after an unexpected bathroom detour (darn coffee…), I finished out my mileage at 12.11 miles.  WHAT?!  Holy cow guys, that’s, that’s just one itsy bitsy teeny weeny mile away from my half marathon distance.    Here are my thoughts on the run itself:

  1.  I always thought the hardest part about running longer distances would be breathing.  For me, its all about the hips and the legs.  In the end, my legs were SORE – especially when they went up the last big hill of the route and realized, they still had to keep going…
  2. I have a bladder the size of a pea.
  3. I need new running sneaks – stat…  I’ve been pounding out the miles in my Adidas Climacool Oscillation sneaks.  Which were great for when I was just getting started, but as I added up the mileage, I’ve started needing a little extra support.  So after my run, I took a quick trip to the local running shop.  I really enjoyed the light weight and minimalist feel of my adidas, so that was important for me to incorporate into a shoe that was a little more supportive.  I ended up with these:

    Asics Gel-Speedstar

source 1

source 2

They’re still light weight and will give me more support than my Adidas, but still keep a minimalist style feel.  I’m a neutral pronator, so i’m hoping these will work for me.  Because they have a little more support than my Adidas, especially in the arch area, it’ll take a little bit of getting used to, but I’m looking forward to giving it a shot!  Anyone else ever use these?


As proud as I am about my FIRST EVER double digit run – I have to be honest and say that 8 miler a few weeks ago is still one of my proudest runs.  But this one feels pretty darn good too J

Afterwards, I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to move at ALL for the rest of the day, let alone today.  But, after some advil, a hot shower, a BEER and a good night’s sleep, I feel just fine.  Legs are a little tired, so I’m glad its an off day, running wise – but I wanted to keep on track for my training.  Enter – Body Pump.  A full hour of lifting before 7 am.  I wussed out of this class the past 2 weeks now after attending my first.  Today I decided I’m changing that!  So, after ALMOST letting myself go back to sleep, I gave a little reminder about how upset I would be to have to unpack my gym bag to get dressed, without having actually been to the gym.  I made it to the gym in time for class and once I was on the road/in the class room/lifting/stretching/on my way into work.  I was so happy I went.  It felt GREAT to get out first thing in the morning and get in a good workout.  I’m determined to keep it up.

With the added hour of sunlight, I’m going to try and start the transition to more runs in the evening to catch some of those rays and enjoy being outside.  The only problem is, I’m not sure I can give up my early AM workouts!!  Anyone else have this problem?  Do you think its acceptable to fit in a quick and easy workout pre-work, even when I have a tough workout run scheduled for the evening?


3 Responses to “More miles, more milestones”

  1. Dominick S. Says:

    Nice job on the double digit breakthrough…it’s awesome that your body responded so well, that means you are in great running shape. I like running in the mornings as well and with the added hour of sun I am also considering working in runs after work just to get outside. I am planning on keeping my long runs in the mornings that way if I happen to lose motivation after work I have the option not to run. My evening bonus runs will probably be intervals so I can increase my speed vs my morning runs which are more distance than pace. Either way, gotta love spring!

    • krhtoday Says:

      Thanks! Your workout schedule sounds…dare I say it…fun!? 🙂 I was considering the same type of thing, something fun for the evening, without giving up my morning workouts. Its a hard thing to willingly give up that sunshine!!

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