Dear Tuesday

March 13, 2012

Not to get all “peace and love” on ya’ll, but can I just say how happy I am, that I’m doing the Lent challenge I’m doing?  I’m not a nutritionist, so I would never say “DO THIS, IT’LL MAKE YOU HEALTHIER”, but I full support the idea that people who have questions/doubts/sneers about a Vegan diet should try it.  Really.  Not full fledged if you don’t want to, but any amount I’m sure would make for an interesting experience.

What am I talking about?

Well.  This morning, I was finally able to make the switch over from “non-dairy creamer” (which has a longer list of ingredients than necessary) to my So Delicious Coconut Creamer.  This was after I had a round of delicious, healthy and satisfying Baked Oatmeal.  And here’s the deal.  I was just satisfied.  I was happy and I felt, for lack of a better term, light – and I am not talking about my actual weight.  There’s a definite clarity that comes along with knowing basically everything that’s going into your body.  Now.  Granted, there are healthy and unhealthy ways to pursue ANY diet, so there are probably people out there right now who think I’m crazy.  But since starting this half marathon training, I’ve been spending a lot of time being (or TRYING to be) aware of what I’m eating.  Which means I’ve been picking whole grains, fresh fruit, a TON of veggies, beans, tofu and the occasional sweet, but healthy, treat.   I feel really good about almost everything I’m eating and have spent more time creating fun dishes in the kitchen.  Its taken a little bit of effort, looking at labels, researching restaurants before I go out, forewarning friends and family and tweaking my diet to make sure I feel full and stay nourished with all of the working out I’ve been doing.  Although, I am happy to say, training for a half marathon and working out in general, is MORE than feasible while experimenting with a Vegan diet. I just feel good.  The last time I tried this Lent challenge, this point was right around when I gave up.  But something this time around is definitely different. I’m not saying I’ve been perfect with it, but I’ve certainly been satisfied.

This post has very little exciting to say, other than what I’ve just said.  I’m hoping to try out a fun new recipe tonight after enjoying an evening run with my NEW SHOES :).   My body is feeling tired, but good after a week of hard workouts.  I managed to fit in a yoga class last night at a new studio.  Definitely different than my usual yoga class at the gym, but it felt good to have a dedicated 1.5 hours of stretching.  The people were really nice and it was a friendly group – although a little more interactive than I’m used to though.  Yoga can be expensive, but I can also see how its addictive.

How is everyone celebrating Tuesday night?  Baking something fun?  New recipe for dinner?  An outdoor workout?  One of the blogs I follow – Candice at is hosting a chat on Twitter for fitblog ( tonight.  I won’t be able to join in (sad face), but stop on over to her Twitter feed (find it through her site!) and see what she and a whole group of healthy people have to say!





3 Responses to “Dear Tuesday”

  1. bearrunner Says:

    Morning workouts are the way to go.. The only downfall is nearly falling asleep @ 2pm haha… But free nights are also worth it!


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