How to win a Vegetarian’s heart

March 19, 2012

I once heard, that telling an Italian you liked their tomato sauce, was the holy grail of compliments.  At the time I laughed.

Until someone told me they liked my tofu.

Now I get it. 

Tofu is one of those foods that gets the lip snarling, eye rolling, disgusted look from most people.   Ya’ll know I love it.  So to hear someone say they love the way I make it, enough to enjoy it?  Day. Made.

The key, I’m finding, is to press it, then make sure its cut thin enough so that it can cook.  I like to pan sear or roast mine, with just a touch of oil and sea salt, until each side is good and crisped up.  Tonight I finished it off with a tamari/maple syrup glaze, that even had Brandon rethinking his tofu snarl.

And can we just talk about these sweet potatoes for a second?   I wanted to recreate some pub fries I had a year ago in Old Town Alexandria, but with a healthier sweet potato version.  Without knowing exactly what they did at the pub, these came out great.   I baked the sweet potato, then cut it into some rounds.  I threw the rounds into a pan with a bit of hot oil and let the sides crisp up a bit more.   Dipped in Ketchup, these babies were a perfect sweet compliment to my maple/tamari glaze on the tofu and some simple pan roasted veggies leftover from the fridge.

Not bad for a Monday night 🙂

Time to rest up for my last week of training runs before my half marathon in two weeks!!



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