Dear Body…

March 20, 2012

Dear Body,

I’m sorry.



Ugh.  I have been in a foul mood ALL day.  Starting with this morning.  And to be honest, 6 months ago it would’ve been easier to shrug it off, down cup after cup of coffee and be jittery all day and keep pushing.  But 6 months ago is not today.  And that is no longer easier.

What’s easier, is being able to recognize where I screwed up.  And it wasn’t this morning, it was last night.  This morning I had another 5 mile run scheduled for the early AM.  Even though we have some amazingly gorgeous nights for outdoor workouts right now, I’d rather spend it taking a walk and relaxing, than trying to fit my workout into the evening with everything else I have/want to get done.  Last night, we were pretty busy trying to get everything back in order from a weekend at home.

And despite my later (than usual) bed time of 10:45 (seriously, when did this become LATE!?) we’re still not finished.

Wedding shower gifts are still not put away (although one is in use!),


laundry is only HALF put away and the place is generally a wreck.  I HATE this part of coming home.

The end result was my putting in a 5 mile run on 6.5 hours of sleep.  Again, 6 months ago? I would’ve powered through a day of work no problem.  But now that I’ve switched my focus on being healthy, that 6.5 hours has plagued my entire day, despite my best intentions.  For starters, yes.  I did get my run in.  And by accounts it was a GOOD run.  A fast run that i’m proud of.  But it was probably one of the hardest runs I’ve had in awhile, both mentally AND physically.  My legs felt like lead and my hips were tired.  My mind just would NOT get past the slow ticking mile marker. I tried to switch on the TV to distract, but it distracted me from the GOOD kind of focus on my running, so I switched it back off.  All in all, it was a strong and powerful run.  But I’ve paid the price for losing that last half hour to hour of sleep.

I am TIRED and I am cranky.  My body thinks it needs more food than it does to keep energized.  I tried to be smart about packing my lunch/snacks and managed to eat enough nutritious things throughout the day to get me through.  But no amount of food in this world could save the people around me from my snappish mentality today.  I tried my best to keep happy and occupied, but in the end – all I really want is to go home, throw on some yoga pants and snuggle with these two brats.


So I did.





I also whipped together some fun recipes that I’m hoping to share later.  Kitchen + Kitties = Katie therapy


I know this was my fault today and I know WHY it was my fault.  This blog is all about trying to stay positive and healthy though, so instead of ending with grump, I’m going to focus on the good things that came out of today:

1.  I got in a GOOD, STRONG, FAST 5 mile run, that I’m proud of.  I powered through the mental and physical roadblocks and got it done.

2. I used my rice cooker for the first time this morning for my breakfast!  Worked like a charm, now, to start tweaking the ingredients again (note: half ripe banana in rice cooker, is not tasty).

3.  I packed healthy food for the day to keep me going as best as possible, discovered a new favorite (!?) granola bar.

4.  I avoided the third cup of coffee and have gone through my water bottle twice and working on the 3rd time. HYDRATION!

5.  The sun has finally peaked out and I can maybe enjoy dinner out on the porch and my evening with the windows open.

6.  I was able to pinpoint the most likely source of my issues today and have plans to fix that tonight.  And even though I was stressed and craving food, for the first time ever, I realized I wasn’t craving JUNK food.  Instead of pizza and chinese food and fries, I was craving my veggies I had packed, my granola bar, my soup, my orange.   To me, that’s the most important and best part about this journey.  I’ve grown up so much in the past few months that i’m able to recognize what was wrong and my body has changed how it responds.


So in the end:

Dear Body,

Thanks for that.





2 Responses to “Dear Body…”

  1. Dominick S. Says:

    HAHA…I totally identify with the 10:30 bed time…when did this happen! My friends make fun of me because my idea of fun is watching Jeopardy and being ready for bed by 10…sigh. The good thing is you still got out and ran. I am with you on the snacking, thankfully my girlfriend is amazing at packing me tons of healthy snack to help me avoid the junk food cornucopia at work.

    Fun post!

    • krhtoday Says:

      Ha! Crazy the sacrifices that no longer feel like sacrifices anymore 🙂 Although I haven’t quite gotten to the jeopardy point 😉

      Snacks ARE the best. I don’t think I could get through my day without them!

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