Making it work

March 21, 2012

I didn’t get my early morning XT run in – after yesterday’s…well, yesterday, sleep was definitely more important this morning.  It helped, but definitely not quite feeling back to “me” yet.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t get it in by the end of the night.

3.1 miles of hill intervals!

Finished up my sweaty run just in time to change, prep dinner and head BACK out the door for yoga 🙂  An hour of stretching and breathing, just what I needed!

Dinner and a snack rounded out my night!

See those zucchini noodles???

I have to admit i’m missing my greens lately, so I made myself a Green smoothie for tomorrow with some frozen spinach and blueberries, bananas, almond milk and a swirl of my Cinnamon Raisin swirl pb.  And my not-s0-secret powerhouse ingredient, some tofu for extra protein.

mmmmm green!

Award for best post-yoga smoothie face?  I thought so too.    I bottled up the rest to take into work with me tomorrow.

short and sweet tonight, time to hop back into bed to rest up for another double duty Thursday on the training schedule!  Despite not getting my run in this morning, I’m really proud of myself for finding time to fit it in later in the day.  I know I feel far better having done it, than had I done something else with my time! I’m pretty determined to stick with my training schedule, but i’m only human and have to try and make it work however I can 🙂

Do you have a go – to food/drink when you’re feeling out of sorts and want to get back on track?


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