A special goodluck!

March 22, 2012

Every day I am awestruck about how our bodies will respond to what we ask them to do.  How we can push ourselves to reach our goals and realize how much more we can achieve.  Whats more, we can keep going.

A really good friend of mine is making a big step towards a goal of his this weekend and I’m so proud of him!!!  You guys have been so supportive of me, so I wanted to return the favor.   This weekend Mike will be….




RUNNNNNNING! (my favorite!)

That’s right! He’ll be doing a mini-triathlon this weekend to get his feet wet (har har har…) Someday I’d love to cheer him on or race one with him, but until then…

Rooting for ya!

If you get the chance, show him some love and wish him luck!  Anyone who’s ever tried something new – new mileage, new races, new sports – you know.   Its just not possible to do without the support we get.


2 Responses to “A special goodluck!”

  1. Mike Says:

    Thanks for the thumbs up! I greatly appreciate your support and guidance … last year, I’d have never believed I’d be doing this! I’ll do my best to make you proud …

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