Chew on this. Seriously.

March 27, 2012

Mmmm nomomnomnom.

Snacks.  Ya’ll know I LOVE them.

Like. Seriously love my snacks.  Granola bars, fruit, veggies and hummus.

Annnd These.

Because these.  Are insane.

I used the recipe from one of my favorite food bloggers – Savory Simple (you can find the original recipe here!).  The only problem was.  I had…none of the ingredients.  Nope.  Not a one.  HOWEVER.  I did have figs and walnuts.  So, using the same idea, I made my own version, with a drizzle of maple syrup.  Ho.Ly. COW.  They were Insane.  SO insane that they were gone within a few days and I had to make more.  This time, with more walnuts and less figs.  The outcome?  A slightly nuttier (duh), but still delicious version.  That was last week.

THIS week, I bought the figs, again.  My oopsie?  I thought I had walnuts, but didn’t 😦  Womp womp.

What I learned from last week though, is that this recipe, is incredibly versatile.  Like – add in Kashi Toasted Berry Crisp instead of walnuts– versatile.  I really liked doing this, because now it adds a smidge more protein to the snacks, but still keeps the crunch! Mmmmmmm.  Wonder what other ways there are to change these up?  Chocolate chips whirred in?  Coconut?  Nuts AND chocolate chips?!  I’m a rebel.

"eat me!"


In other news- taper week has started (GASP!).  And I have officially had my first argument with myself.

   “Do I go? Tapering means to rest, right?  You’re tired, you should rest.  You’re an idiot, get out of bed and run”.   

As per my usual guilt trippy self.  I got out of bed and ran.  And as per the usual “I told you so” effect, yes.  I was glad I went.  I felt good afterwards, although my run probably didn’t embody the idea of “tapering” and I did an interval run hit 4 miles in 36:06.  Decent time and I didn’t feel like I was running at a pace that was unsustainable for a period of time.  I’m not sure I could run a consistent 9:00 pace for the half, but if I threw a good effort, that counts too, right?

But this tapering thing is a bit confusing.  Do I maintain all of my classes and runs, but decrease my intensity? Or do I take a legitimate 2 day rest prior to the race?  Or, do I mix and match and cut out my two classes on Thursday night and Friday morning and fit in an easy 2 miler Thursday morning?  I think the last option is my preferred option…but i’m open to anyone who’s got a good grasp on tapering…what’s the best?

I’ve taken a page out of Dominick‘s book (blog?) and added Daily Mile to my daily “to do list” in order to get a better idea of the mileage I’m tracking.  (see it the button? CLICK it!)

When I start training for new races  (more on this soon!) you can check in to see what kind of mileage i’m doing (cough cough if i’m keeping up with my training cough cough).  I love how Dominick is using it to keep track of a YEARLY mileage goal! I never thought of that. It seems like a great site and I love that users can send motivations to each other.  Its not just for runners either, you can add all sorts of activities and log away! Feel free to follow me!

Happy almost middle of the week!! 🙂


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