Race Recap!

April 2, 2012

13.1 miles?  No sweat 😉

No.  Seriously, there was very little sweating this weekend.  It. Was. COLD.  The sun didn’t peak its head out ONCE on Saturday morning, but the cold misty rain did!    Lets back up.

For those of you following along, this past Saturday was my very first half marathon, at the Garden Spot Village Marathon.  Mentally, I did NOT feel prepared at all.   Physically, I I wasn’t even aware of how my body was feeling.  Was I ready to run?  I had no idea.  I hadn’t slept very well on Thursday night, but Friday night was a little better.

I did my best to make sure I was ready to go first thing Saturday morning (packet pick up started at 6:30).  You know the drill, set up the hydration belt (more on that in a bit), ipod and (BROKEN) headphones put out, lay out the running outfit…lets see “sneaks, socks, underarmour cold weather gear, a jacket to throw on top annnd a sports bra….”  Nope.  NO SPORTS BRA.  For serious?  I can remember to grab 3 hair ties, but I can’t remember a sports bra for a half marathon race weekend.  Sigh.  However!  Runners are nothing, if not resourceful 😉

Luckily I had brought along some warmer weather running gear, just for wishful thinking.  My tanktop had a built in shelf bra (girls, you know the type) and its a pretty snug fit.  So I threw that on UNDER my coldweather running shirt.  Worked like a charm! Crisis. Averted.  (For the record, I found the sports bra.  IN my bag.  While unpacking)

Fast forward to eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarly Saturday morning.  Wasn’t quite sure what time it was  – but what I WAS sure of, was the absolute downpour going on outside.  At this point, I was convinced it was 5:30 in the morning and I was going to have to head out the door and run this race soaking wet.  Luckily, it was only 3.  2.5 more hours of sleep and hopefully no rain. Check.

By the time we got to packet pick up, I had realized the following:

1.  I do NOT like to eat before working out if its early in the morning.

2.  The sun was NOT coming out, but the drizzle was probably there to stay.

3.  It. was. cold.

4.  I was going to have to run this 13.1 miles whether I was ready or not.


We counted down the final 10 seconds, I plugged in my audio book and it was ready, set, go.

For the first mile or so, my legs got used to running and at the first mile marker I was pretty surprised to see I was cruising at a pace faster than my normal outdoor runs.  I took the philosophy of focusing on a runner ahead of me and make it my goal to pass that runner andmove on.

Miles ticked away and I kept moving forward.  I kept saying “if you want to stop next pit stop, go ahead”.  Each pit stop passed by.  At this point, I’ll just say that the hydration belt?  Genius.  I didn’t have to walk through the water points and I also managed to drink the water while running, instead of splashing it into my mouth and count it as hydration.  Some people may not like the sloshing and I admit, it takes some time to get used to, but I was so grateful for it.

Ok.  So somewhere around mile 5.5-6, i was starting to wonder where the turn around point was.  And do you remember me talking about that hill?  The one that had me gaping at the computer screen?  Well.  I tackled that hill this past weekend.  I believe the exact noise I made when I first SAW the hill, was a very big loud “HA”.  I’m pretty sure I heard some “uhhh” and some “oh. sh**t”.  This hill, my friends, was no joke.  Running along and suddenly the road just DROPS out of sight.  And the worst part?  You have to go down it first, before turning around to come back UP.    Luckily, they had a large and loud cheering squad of volunteers that screamed their HEADS off when someone made it up the hill, running or not.  I am PROUD to say that I ran my butt up that hill, the whole way!  Slapped a few high fives and kept on trucking.  No stopping for this girl!

Suddenly, it was 3.1 miles to go.  A brief smile and wave to the queen at 2.2 miles to go – Fun story behind that, for another night 😉  and before I knew it?  1 mile to go.  One VERY long mile.  I know there’s a wall that runners talk about, and I get that – but that last mile is pretty tough too.  I managed to find enough inside to dig deep and sprint the last half mile or so.

Final time?  2 hours and 10 minutes.  Which SMASHED my “look for me around 2 hrs 30 minutes at the EARLIEST, but really, closer to 3” time that I told Brandon about.  Thank goodness he had to sneak out to the bathroom, because how else would I get to share this lovely shot?

You're welcome

Digging deep ain’t always pretty folks, but it turns out?  Its totally worth it.




10 Responses to “Race Recap!”

  1. The Modern Home Economist Says:

    What a brilliant effort. So much guts and determination. I do a lot of exercise but I am not a huge runner at all so I admire your efforts. Did the audibook help keep your mind off the distance and race. Awesome!

    • krhtoday Says:

      Thank you! I think the hardest part is actually lacing up and saying “ok, I’ll do it”. What exercising do you do? The audiobook was definitely helpful, although my thoughts were louder than it a few times 😉 I liked it better than music for the longer runs though for sure!

  2. I am tackling my third 10K this summer and thinking about a half marathon next year. I just can’t mentally get over 13.1 miles when I think 6.2 is difficult. Any tips?

    • krhtoday Says:

      Its hard to get over the mental block! I had the same problem. If its something you want to do though, I say do it. Find a training schedule online (I used Hal Higdons) and just start. At some point, the mileage starts to not be as daunting and you realize you can actually do it. Take it slow on the long runs (like, slower than slow) and you’ll get there! If you can run 6.2, you can definitely run 13.1! 🙂 Great job with doing so many 10ks though, that’s awesome!

  3. WOW!! GREAT TIME!!! Fantastic job!!!!!!!!

  4. Mike Says:

    Congrats on doing such a great job – especially for your first one – way to go!!

  5. Dan Says:

    It’s always great when you destroy your expectations beyond belief. Congratulations on the huge PR — onto the next big event!

  6. […] 28th (I think), 2012 – I did.  “pushing deep ain’t always pretty, but turns out its worth […]

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