Happy Friday!!

April 6, 2012

Breakfast of champions for a Friday, no?

Whoever invented Vegan chocolate chips, I love you. Since on my money saving kick, I’ve kicked my Friday morning latte and bagel habit. But I’ve replaced it with a homemade Vegan Chocolate Chip scone habit. Its healthier, I know what’s in it, its DELISH and I can make about 10 at a time. That’s a lot of Fridays, my friends.

Ps- It is opening day here in B’more. B and I are big Baseball fans and on most Tuesday nights you can find us in the cheapie seats, with a Nattie Boh at Camden yards! This weekend we’re going to class it up a bit and are going to have some great seats for Sundays game with the family. So excited… Its been a hell of an off season, but baseball is BACK baby!!!
Happy Friday 🙂


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