A black & orange Easter weekend!

April 9, 2012

I hope every one had a great holiday weekend this past weekend, whether it was Passover or Easter 🙂   We had a great time hosting my parents and little brother for a few days and enjoyed a homecooked (by yours truly!) Easter dinner and some fantastic baseball seats! I spent the better part of Saturday in the kitchen and while I made a whole bunch of food to be proud of (ham?!), this little beaut was probably my most favorite part of the night (although hummus platter is a close second)

On the menu?

Homemade Hummus with Homemade crackers (!!) and veggies (not, homemade), ham, cranberry apple lentil loaf for the veggie (me), some side dishes and a vegan carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  That EVERYONE liked.  I love when Vegan meals can surprise people.  I also love that 3/4 of our food was homemade by me.  Saved some serious bucks and cooking makes me happy.

After a night of food, we spent Sunday at the ballpark – I couldn’t have been happier!  Check it out!

And yes - he is younger than me!

Mah papa!

Small crush. Small one.

After a weekend of fun, it felt really good to get back into training this morning!  Today started my training for the Baltimore 10 miler in June.  And like the rest of my Hal Higdon schedules, I opted to keep my Mondays as my strength and stretch day.  Even though I had a rough night of sleep, I’m really glad I made it to my Body Pump class.  It was a great set of tracks and I upped my weights for most of them.  I felt strong and toned all day – and there is NO better way to start the week 🙂
Does anyone else love starting off the week with a morning workout? Or do you prefer to sleep in and ease back into the routine??
How was your weekend?!?  (Go O’s!)

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