ow ow ow ow ow

April 10, 2012

Well.  Remember when I told you I up’d my weights yesterday during Body Pump?

Yeah…I feel it.

Which is actually a good thing.  Its been awhile since i’ve felt my lifting workout the next day and lemme tell yah, parts of me were sore this morning.   Which extracted quite the groan from me this morning when my alarm went off for my early AM run.  One thing is for sure.  A week off from pre-dawn wakeup calls makes for a rough first week back into training.  My lack of sleep on Sunday night is definitely catching up to me.  Hopefully its a little earlier to bed tonight, but no promises 🙂

For this morning’s workout, I’m back down to lowwww mileage, compared to where I left off for my half marathon training.  I’m ok with it though, because even though I”m reducing the mileage again, that means I can focus on upping my speed some more.  I want to really focus on getting faster and stronger for this training session.  That means working hard on my speed and hill intervals and concentrating on getting stronger and not just getting by.  I read a great line in one of my Hal Higdon training schedules, and to paraphrase, he essentially said if you want to be faster, you have to run faster.  Which at first glance seems like a “duh” sentiment, but if we were to be completely honest with ourselves, how many times do we operate at below full effort and tell ourselves we did the best we could?  This certainly isn’t to say that sometimes you just need an “off” day and absolutely does NOT mean that every day’s best has to be the same as the day’s before it. But its a good goal to strive for and with it in mind, I dragged my sore butt to the gym (that’s a lie, actually – my butt isn’t really sore, my THIGHS however are screaming).

For the record.  Running with sore legs.  Sucks.  Big time.  Because my muscles never quite adapted to the running this morning.  They didn’t really warm up, they just…hurt.  But for 3 very long long long Looooooooooooooooooooooooooong miles, it was one foot in front of the other.  I actually ended up with a “barely better than my last PR”, PR for 3 miles.  I’m steadily working on bring my consistent pace down to under 9 mph.  I finished out my 3 miles in 26:55.  Barely breaks my 27:00, but still a victory in my book 🙂  Next time, we aim for 26:50, eh?  🙂

And because tonight’s dinner was wholly unsatisfying and undeniably boring (it got a solid “meh” from both of us), I will leave you with pictures of our dinner on Friday night.  Pizza rolls/calzones.

Brandon's Pepperoni Roll




My veggie calzone


The pizza rolls are ridiculously easy to make and really versatile.  Our go to recipe, is the basic pepperoni roll.  Sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni.  Since I wasn’t eating cheese (or meat) and didn’t have any of the soy cheese or veggie pepperoni on hand, I opted for a calzone with some tofu ricotta, sauce and sauted veggies.  It was sloppier than B’s and definitely lacked a certain…junk food feel that we always like on our Friday nights, but it was definitely good.   Next time though, I think I’ll check out the Veggie/Vegan version of a pepperoni roll.

And now, its off to make lunch and prep for tomorrow’s interval run.  Hills or speed?!





One Response to “ow ow ow ow ow”

  1. Omigoodnesss!! That looks ridiculously amazing!!! Nice job on the weights!! pain can only mean one thing:that you’re getting better at it!!! 🙂 well actually it can mean more than that but… 😉

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