The best laid plans…

April 11, 2012

According to last night, this morning I was supposed to hop out of bed, head to the gym, get in a solid 3 mile XT run, zoom to work, be productive all day, work my way home, prep dinner, go to Yoga, come home, go to bed.

Because in my mind, i’m super human.

What ACTUALLY happened today:  Our smoke detector (not the battery, the detector) is dying and so starting around 3 AM in this morning, it began an incessant and totally random beeping pattern.  Resulting in a lot of awakeness and swearing from B.  Alarm goes off, I did NOT hop out of bed, instead, took notice of my stuffy/sniffly nose (helloooo allergies) and this nagging soreness in my chest.  Oh.  And that lack of sleep thing.  Decide that even if I did deem running possible this morning, I’d be too tired to actually accomplish anything.  So, I put it off until tonight.  Or so I thought.  I had every intention of sneaking off to the gym early, getting in my run, then hitting up Yoga.  As the day wore on, I realized my body had other plans.  Three nights of less than stellar sleep, allergies, a sore body and a random chest pain finally wore me down.  The icing on the cake?  My shuttle bus was a good 30 minutes late.  I figured the last thing I needed was to rush home or to the gym, then rush back for dinner at 9, and not even make it to bed before 10.   The other thing?  I have a meeting at work tomorrow.  One that I’d prefer to be prepared for.  I can always go to Yoga next week, but screwing up in front of the boss, that’s harder to come back from “next week”.

Here’s the thing.  I can get obsessed with something and devote my energies towards it.  The problem with that, is that other things can suffer.  If I focus only on work, then I have no social life, no self-awareness and very little time with my family.  Likewise, if I get too into working out and fitness, I come dangerously close to putting working out, before anything else.  While working out is a good thing, it can’t be the only good thing.  Balance is a talent I am constantly working on and trying to figure out.  I don’t always do so hot.  But I’m getting better.  For instance, a month ago, I probably would have forced myself out of bed, against my body’s better judgement and worked out.  Then spent a good part of the day researching why my body was saying “no” to working out, what did it mean and how could I fix it.  Subsequently, my productivity would suffer and I’d get home and feel like I hadn’t done anything all day, be disappointed and be cranky with myself and with my friends and family and something that should’ve made my day a good one, has done me more harm than anything else.  It would’ve been about crossing off that workout.  This go-round, I realized I needed sleep, not a run.  I needed a glass of OJ, an allergy pill and to devote what mental energy I had left, to work.  In short, I realized that I could fit in a 3 mile run at any point during the next 4 days of the week and that there was no rush to get it in THIS MORNING.  Its not a rationale I want to use all the time during my training, but it HAS to be ok to know when to say “not today”.  As long as “not today” doesn’t turn into “eh, I don’t feel like it” – then I’m ok with it.  Turns out training isn’t just in the physical sense anymore, guess it involves some mental training too, eh? 🙂


In other news:  after last night’s dinner that shalt not be named, tonight’s dinner of Garam Masala burgers was a resounding success.  It wasn’t AMAZING, but it was better than last night’s.  And it was still pretty tasty.  I used the same cookbook, with some trepidation, but kept in mind that for all the recipes in this book that I’ve tried, I’ve tended to use them as a starting point, rather than a strict recipe.   Last night we used it as a strict recipe and didn’t enjoy the meal, so tonight I went with my gut.  We ended up keeping the recipe fairly similar, just adding a few more spices here and there.

These were SPICY!


Topped with all the fixings (Garam Masala Mayo, spinach, avocado, onion and grape tomatoes) and a side of sweet potato fries, this was a feel good, home cooked meal.


A home-brewed beer put the finishing touches on dinner AND a productive day.  Hoping for another good day and hopefully some good workouts for tomorrow.

Anyone else ever have a hard time knowing when to say “I need to not workout today”?



3 Responses to “The best laid plans…”

  1. YUMM!!! Looks so amazing!!! Smoke detectors are the msot annoying thing ever…but I suppose they are vital!! 😉

  2. Dominick S. Says:

    MMMmMmmm home brew and a burger! Well, balance is key, at least you realize that!

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